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MobileFrame 4.6 Sneak Peek Available

The MobileFrame 4.6 Sneak Peek video is now available to customers via the MobileFrame Support Site.  Engineering produces these videos with each release as a way to give our customers a tutorial of the new features and enhancements to the MobileFrame product line without having to read the release notes.  Enjoy!

Please Note:  you must have a MobileFrame Support Account to view these videos. If you are a Pro Suite user, please contact your MobileFrame Sales Representative to learn more about obtaining a MobileFrame Support Account.

MobileFrame v4.6 Includes Improved Setups

For 4.6 we’ve upgraded our setup programs to use the new InstallShield 2010 engine.  The new engine ensures greater compatibility and ease of installation with the next generation of Windows operating systems.

Also, better compression in InstallShield 2010 has made our setup programs significantly smaller in size (down to 72 megs from 180 megs!).  This should make for faster to downloading.

Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility confirmed

I received an email last week from one of our international partners that included a video of an HTC device running MobileFrame 4.6 (beta) on the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.  Although unconfirmed by MobileFrame Engineering (since we can’t seem to get our hands on a WinMo 6.5 device), the video shows that it’s working great.  We didn’t anticipate any issues but it’s nice to see confirmation nonetheless.

Thanks to Xenacom ( for sending us their findings!

MobileFrame passed Windows 7 testing

MobileFrame 4.6 has passed internal testing with 32-bit Windows 7.  The client and administrator tools work well and look great under the new look and feel. Continue reading