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Barcode Asset Inspection – Challenge Accepted

Here at MobileFrame we are pretty good at solving the problem of paper in the field. In this case we had a customer come to us with a very simple yet, annoying problem.

Here’s the current process:

  • Write the Barcode from the asset on a sheet of paper
  • Indicate if it passed or failed inspection
  • If the asset failed, indicate why

They were having problems with

  • The wrong asset tag information being captured (Transcription Error)
  • Forgetting to indicate why the inspection failed
  • Not turning in required paperwork in a timely fashion
  • Duplication of data back at the office.

Here is the application that I developed in under 1 hour that was able to address these problems with 100% data accuracy, and real time information sharing. If you would like to learn more about MobileFrame please contact us today.

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