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Mobile Device Management – A little thing that makes a BIG difference

Mobile Device Management or simply MDM is software that provides the ability to control your organizations’ mobile devices while out in the field.   This usually includes functionality like wiping a device’s database, remote application updates and even remote control.

Over the past several years I’ve witnessed many organizations travel down the same path, they focus almost 100% of their energies on incorporating mobile technology into their business, but fail to think about the full lifecycle of the project.  This kind of thinking is usually characterized by questions such as:

  • What should phase 1 include?
  • What should my workflow look like?
  • What kinds of reports do we need?

These are all very important questions and should definitely be discussed BUT just thinking about the application itself and not the full lifecycle of the project is a recipe for disaster.   Here are a couple of things to think about:

  • How do I roll out application updates?
  • Do I need to re-compile the application and have it re-installed for every update?
  • Will the device need to come back in from the field?
  • What happens if the user is having a problem with his device?
  • How can I troubleshoot the device remotely?
  • How can I control which applications are installed on which devices?
  • Which user has what device?

These questions and many others need to be answered before you deploy an application to the field.  Planning ahead and considering the full lifecycle of your mobile project, as well as partnering with a company that specializes in mobility will ensure a smooth and successful roll out.

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2 thoughts on “Mobile Device Management – A little thing that makes a BIG difference”

  1. Nick Hession Post author

    Thank you for the comment! Personally I think that it is just as important to have this kind of capability in the small group setting as well.

    It has been my experience that in many small to medium businesses the support of the company’s network, printers, desktops, and mobile applications is a shared responsibility. Typically it falls on the shoulders of the most technical persons in the organization, but they usually wear many hats.

    Which is why it is important to be able to manage your mobile solutions easily, and with little effort

    Here are a couple of time savers
    • Being able to Roll out application updates over the air
    • Troubleshoot devices remotely
    • Control what is installed on the device
    • Etc.

    I hope this helps!



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