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Dickinson Fleet Services purchases MobileFrame for vehicle maintenance and inspections

Dickinson Fleet Services has purchased MobileFrame to automate their vehicle maintenance and inspections.  Our partner, GS Data, demonstrated the MobileFrame platform to Dickinson and will be writing their vehicle maintenance and inspections mobile applications.  With MobileFrame, Dickinson Fleet Services will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile applications for their vehicle maintenance and inspections.

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Mobile Apps with full integration to Archibus now available

Are you interested in eliminating paper by collecting data on handheld devices? MobileFrame’s Archibus Mobile Management Solution allows organizations utilizing ARCHIBUS™ to bridge the gap between the office and the field by eliminating field based paper processes. We have a full suite of apps, including work order management, building operations, asset management and property management.

This out of the box solution will transform your business. Each application is configurable around your own requirements and better yet, there is no coding required. That means that you can have completely custom apps with no custom programming.

Feel free to watch our online demo at:

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Ameren selects MobileFrame to automate substation inspections

Ameren has chosen MobileFrame as their standard mobility platform, with their first project being to automate their substation inspections, preventative maintenance and facility repairs. Subsequently, Ameren has 200+ forms that they plan to automate across their various departments.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame, Ameren had 20-25 people who manually re-entered collected data from paper forms.  Ameren’s central IT department recognized that a platform solution, like MobileFrame, would result in a huge ROI when going mobile.  After a thorough evaluation of all solutions in the marketplace, Ameren chose MobileFrame for its ease of use, flexibility, and because MobileFrame provides a complete set of mobility tools that includes an integration wizard and mobile device management.

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Advanced Powering Services purchases MobileFrame to automate field inspections and maintenance

Advanced Powering Services has chosen MobileFrame to automate their field inspections and maintenance activities.  APS performs semi-annual maintenance on 3500+ pieces of equipment across CA, AZ and NV primarily for the Cable TV Industry.  In addition, APS performs field inspections of all the equipment at a facility. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, APS’s business process was entirely paper-based.  APS wanted to grow their business and they recognized that eliminating paper forms and manual data entry was the best way to go.  They plan to write their own mobile applications, using the MobileFrame platform, and deploy them to Netbooks operating on Verizon’s 3G network. Continue reading

Migrating your Forms from Paper to Electronic Format – Don’t forget the Business Logic!

I had an awesome discussion today with a potential client that is interested in converting his current paper based inspection process into electronic format.   He was very enthusiastic about the prospect of getting rid of the mountain of paper in his office.  His enthusiasm got me thinking about not only the benefits of eliminating paper but ALSO the benefits of embedded business logic.   For example:  if an inspection failed he could require that his inspectors collect information about why it failed, capture  a picture of the damage or issue, maybe even record a voice note and associate it with the inspection. Continue reading