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What is Your Legacy DSD App Costing You?

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a distribution method where producers deliver goods directly to the point of sale.  This delivery method gives producers the control over inventory, merchandising and promotions that is so valuable in various industries.  However, without an effective system to manage this process certain benefits are lost, which can cost you more in the long run.

The mobile apps used by the route delivery drivers are crucial to run an efficient field force. However, the current DSD apps in the marketplace don’t allow customers to modify their apps without paying the vendor exorbitant fees.  And, most of these apps lack important workflows for today’s environment. These solutions are typically hard coded, so process changes and route re-scheduling are costly and time consuming – if possible at all.  All of these shortfalls add up to lost time and frustrated customers – both of which cost you money.

MobileFrame’s Direct Store Delivery Suite is built on cutting edge technology, solving all the problems that customers are frustrated with.  Customers can make changes to their apps as the business dictates it, all without writing a single line of code and without paying the vendor any fees for the changes.  Real-time updates enable immediate changes to workflow, route scheduling and even third party applications.  Drivers can process deliveries and returns on remote devices, so invoices can be modified on the back end immediately. MobileFrame’s DSD Suite has applications that are tightly integrated to each other
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Spice up your DSD applications

Enhance your DSD operations with cutting edge technology

Is your field force using an inflexible, hard-coded mobile app for your DSD operations? How many times have you wanted to make changes to your current app but didn’t want to the pay the vendor an arm and a leg to do the work?

In today’s competitive business marketplace, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution companies need to do more than simply squeeze costs out of the business process. The technology must be able to be customized based on changes in the business processes. This responsiveness, real-time visibility and flexibility will empower your business to flourish in the current economic climate.
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Rug Doctor to use MobileFrame for route accounting and DSD

Rug Doctor has chosen MobileFrame to automate their DSD and Route Accounting.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame, Rug Doctor employed a hard-coded custom application running on DOS-based Symbol PDT 3100’s.  That application was developed in 2001 and Rug Doctor had trouble with it from the beginning.  Using MobileFrame, Rug Doctor plans to deploy a traditional DSD/Route Accounting application that allows their drivers to capture data about deliveries of product to stores, manage their supplies and machine inventories, and print out invoices at each stop.  After evaluating several mobile platforms, and considering offshore custom development, Rug Doctor chose MobileFrame for its flexibility, ease of use, and competitive price point.

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