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We Can Track Everything from the Cradle to the Grave… Seriously

At MobileFrame we have thought for a long time that our mobile solutions could track anything.  We have provided tracking applications for everything from parts and labor to maintenance records and hazardous waste containers.

We figure that we have tracked just about everything – from the cradle to the grave.  And now two customers are putting that to the test!

MobileFrame was recently deployed as the application for Paternity Declaration at Contra Costa County, California.  This application captures vital information and parent signatures at the time of birth.  With over 2500 clerks at over 700 birthing centers across California, MobileFrame’s integration into the county’s Vital Records is saving time, sometimes months, and increasing accuracy.
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Communication Infrastructure Corporation Surveyed the Competition and Chose MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (December 22, 2011)MobileFrame LLC Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Enterprise Software Solutions, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, announces that Communication Infrastructure Corporation, a telecom surveying company, has selected MobileFrame’s software to create, dispatch and review electronic surveys.

Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s platform, Communication Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) was dispatching 55 engineers to customer locations to do cell tower site surveys where they would collect data such as line of site calculations, GPS coordinates, Visio drawings and photos. They saved all of this data in shared files instead of a central database, causing them to spend a lot of time trying to find the data as needed. They were also employing a staff of six quality control employees dedicated to reviewing the completed surveys, entering the data manually and creating reports for their customers. MobileFrame enables CIC to easily review historical data about each job site from a central database and eliminates the cumbersome manual data entry process. Continue reading

Forbes Energy Services Drills into the Competition with MobileFrame’s Work Order App

Los Gatos, CA (December 7, 2011) – MobileFrame LLC., the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software, announces that Forbes Energy Services, an independent oilfield services contractor, has chosen the MobileFrame Platform to replace their previous backend system to automate their work orders. Forbes Energy is an independent oilfield services contractor that provides a broad range of drilling and production related services to oil and natural gas companies.

Forbes Energy began evaluating mobile solutions because their 1,000 technicians were collecting all work order data on handwritten, paper forms. This resulted in 5,000 pieces of paper per day being turned into the office. This in turn required 20 to 30 clerks to manually enter the data into their business systems, resulting in a two week invoicing delay.   Forbes Energy Services needed to find a solution to help organize and ease the distribution and completion of their work orders, and found that MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform was a perfect fit to benefitting technicians as well as dispatchers. With MobileFrame’s Work Order Application, Forbes Energy will save time and money by automating and eliminating paper-based processes, resulting in a huge ROI. Continue reading

Wilbur Ellis Company Invests in Success with MobileFrame’s Container Tracking App

Los Gatos, CA (October 25, 2011) – MobileFrame LLC., the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software, announces Wilbur-Ellis Company, an international marketer and distributor of agricultural and specialty chemical products, has selected MobileFrame to automate their refillable container tracking system. Wilbur-Ellis was previously using a paper-based system to track their large amounts of refillable containers used to store and transport plant protection products. They found this process to be time consuming and inefficient.

Wilbur-Ellis was introduced to MobileFrame’s applications by our premier partner CIBER, a leader in application development and management solutions for large enterprises. Through CIBER, Wilbur-Ellis was able to see the many benefits of MobileFrame’s platform, and how it would benefit their company with an immediate ROI. Wilbur-Ellis knew that keeping track of their plant protection product refillable containers was necessary to ensure that they met the Environmental Protection Agency requirements for tracking refillable containers. They are so pleased with the product that Wilbur-Ellis is already looking forward to using MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software for future projects in other areas.
Some key benefits for Wilbur-Ellis include:

  • Fewer data errors. By no longer handwriting data then re-entering the same data into their business systems, the errors inherent to manual data entry are eliminated and data integrity is improved
  • Improved Productivity. The elimination of paper forms frees time for Wilbur-Ellis’ workers to complete more mission critical tasks per day – time is no longer wasted on administrative paperwork
  • Real-time insight. Management can better manage their field force with real-time insight to inventory levels and activities in field

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Help, we need that defibrillator stat!

Healthcare is an industry where time can mean more than just money – it can mean the difference between life and death.   Given the critical and fast paced nature of hospitals, equipment can easily be misplaced.  This means staff must spend valuable time looking for beds, wheelchairs, or defibrillators.  Finding this equipment quickly not only saves the time spent looking for it, but it reduces staff frustration and increases patient satisfaction.
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Edlund Company Opens the Lid on Inventory Tracking with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (August 15, 2011) – MobileFrame LLC Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Enterprise Software Solutions, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, announces that Edlund Company, the recognized leader in the manufacture of commercial can openers and can opening systems, has selected MobileFrame to automate their inventory tracking data collection.

Edlund Company is responsible for developing and manufacturing innovative, operator-oriented stainless steel equipment for harsh food service environments. To keep track of all of the equipment and parts used, Edlund conducts a two-day physical inventory cycle count at the end of each fiscal year. These cycle counts were very time consuming and burned a lot of unnecessary labor hours. In fact, the process required up to five employees who spent the bulk of two full days keypunching and reconciling the data. This left a lot of room for human error, which Edlund has been constantly battling for over 10 years. Continue reading

Spice up your DSD applications

Enhance your DSD operations with cutting edge technology

Is your field force using an inflexible, hard-coded mobile app for your DSD operations? How many times have you wanted to make changes to your current app but didn’t want to the pay the vendor an arm and a leg to do the work?

In today’s competitive business marketplace, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution companies need to do more than simply squeeze costs out of the business process. The technology must be able to be customized based on changes in the business processes. This responsiveness, real-time visibility and flexibility will empower your business to flourish in the current economic climate.
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Sturgeon Services International is Pumping Out Work Orders with MobileFrame

Sturgeon Services International (SSI), formerly known as Sturgeon & Sons, has purchased MobileFrame’s work order automation with asset tracking application. SSI is an oil field services company in California, and was looking to automate their work order and asset tracking processes. Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s platform, Sturgeon Services International was completing their work orders in individual Excel spreadsheets per job. The tech would then email the completed spreadsheet to the office. SSI employs 10 clerks who are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data for payroll and billing purposes. The same clerks had to then manually enter all of that data into Microsoft Dynamics and other backend office systems.  SSI found this process to be very time consuming, costly and prone to human error. With MobileFrame’s solution, not only do those clerks get to avoid all that manual data entry, but the company no longer needs to hire new IT staff to develop and manage applications. During the evaluation phase the SSI team particularly liked the simplicity of integrating our system with their back office systems. Continue reading

Contra Costa County has chosen MobileFrame’s Paternity Declaration Application

Contra Costa County, the ninth most populated county in the state of California, has chosen MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Platform to automate California’s Paternity Declaration Application which collects the signatures of unwed parents at the time of a new born child’s birth. Prior to implementing MobileFrame, when a baby was born to an unwed mother, Contra Costa County had to have a form completed that listed both parents. The data on that form is completed by an estimated 2500 birthing clerks in over 700 birthing centers around California. Contra Costa County found this manual entry process to be timely and inefficient. In many cases, it would take the County months to get these completed forms back. MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform will implement these records into the County’s Vital Records (SQL) database.

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Free Webinar: Improving Delivery Efficiency and Profitability

MobileFrame POD

The first step in going paperless is finding the right solution vendor that not only has the experience to help you to understand your mobile workflow needs, but also the right technology to help you to ensure a successful mobile deployment.

During  this 1 hour education session, you will learn how other companies have been able to leverage MobileFrame’s award winning enterprise mobility platform and prebuilt Proof of Delivery (POD) solutions to automate delivery scheduling, dispatch, and collection of delivery data.

We will demonstrate how you will be able to:

  • Optimize deliveries using GPS technology
  • Increase average stops per day
  • Eliminate delivery errors
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage
  • Reduce billing times
  • Shorten days sales outstanding
  • Improve customer service

We are hosting two sessions, both of which will also be recorded. Please click on either of  the links below to register:

Option 1 – Tues, Mar 1, 2011 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PST
Option 2 – Tues, Mar 15, 2011 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PST

As a BONUS all registered attendees will also receive a FREE whitepaper entitled, “How to Have a Successful Mobile Implementation” by Martin Jack, Director of Software Solutions Group at Barcoding, a  must read for anyone looking to ensure the success of a mobile deployment.