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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Challenge Us! Send us your forms – we’ll build your custom mobile application and demo it to you live

challengeusWe are inviting YOU to send in YOUR paper forms and have us build you a custom application. We will then demo it for you on our very first phone call.  Our enterprise mobility system is 100% code-free, eliminating custom programming through an intuitive, user friendly point-and-click desktop, enabling novice computer users to easily create and deploy sophisticated custom mobile applications.  Don’t believe us? Send in your form, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in learning more about our advanced capabilities and how we can empower your service based organization to operate more efficiently please contact us today! |  Office:  (408) 885-1200  | twitter @MobileFrame

Space Coast Launch Services Purchases MobileFrame For Asset Tracking Integrated To Maximo backend

Space Coast Launch Services, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to automate asset tracking mobile applications integrated to their Maximo backend system.  Space Coast Launch Services are a government contractor. They wanted to eliminate the paper forms used for asset tracking and be able to run reports that show where their assets are at any given time. They were looking for a customizable Platform that would give them the ultimate control over their applications. In addition to the asset tracking requirement, they also have 6 or 7 other mobile applications on the list to deploy. They need to integrate to Maximo, so they wanted to talk to a customer of ours who had done this already. Santee Cooper assured them that the integration to Maximo was a breeze. The customer will be writing their own mobile applications. They will be using Motorola MC9090s for the project. Continue reading

MobileFrame 4.6 Maintenance Update Available

In order to ensure the best quality experience for our users, Engineering has released a maintenance update to the MobileFrame 4.6 release.  If you’re a current customer or partner using MobileFrame 4.6, you can get the maintenance update file from the “My Downloads” section on the support site.

This optional update includes fixes for several minor issues reported by our customers and partners.  Read the release notes included in the download to see exactly what was addressed.

Note that you can apply the update to an existing MobileFrame 4.6 installation only.

APCOA UK Purchases MobileFrame For Penalty Notice & Parking Apps

Apcoa UK, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to implement mobile applications across their operations.  The First mobile application is for a Fixed Penalty Notice application.  The second mobile application will be for a Parking application. The mobile applications are being deployed to 35 users on the new Motorola MC9500 devices over GPRS wireless. MobileFrame Business Partner, MobileWorxs UK is providing all the services in the account. Continue reading

Tag Photo Workflow Addition – Making it Easy to Identify Photos

We’ve recently added a very useful new workflow function to our bag of tricks that we’re hearing rave reviews about. The Tag Photo workflow function allows our users to superimpose text on top of photos captured in the field.  The text can be anything you’d like of course, so you can get much more creative than just adding date and time stamps. Some other ideas include:

  • Work Order Number
  • Invoice Number
  • PO Number
  • Customer Name
  • Address
  • GPS Coordinates
  • VIN’s
  • Plus Many More Continue reading

MobileFrame takes SuperStar to a new level in the 2009 MobileVillage Mobile Star Awards!


Thanks to all of the support from our loyal customers, partners, and the mobile community.  Your voices have been heard loud and clear.   This marks the 5th year in a row that MobileFrame has demonstrated Gold Star status at the MobileVillage Mobile Star Awards.

We are very proud to say that we’ve been recognized as the SuperStar in of the following categories.

  • Developer and Enterprise Software – Application Development*
  • Enterprise Software – Asset Management
  • Enterprise Software – Data Collection
  • Enterprise Software – Field Sales & CRM
  • Enterprise Software – Field Service
  • Success Story – Field Service (Miller Pipeline)
  • Success Story – Delivery Service (Hunt Brothers)

Our 100% Award Winning Code free mobile computing environment eliminates the need for custom programming and allows for organizations to focus on automating multiple different electronic business processes.  To learn more about our award winning mobile computing environment, please click here

*recognized as shining star

Realizing Results 1 Happy Customer at a time!

Looking into our portfolio of happy customers we’ve realized something. Our customers deliver results.  Not only have they been successful in implementing a mobile strategy, they’ve also delivered upon the expectations that their management has set for them.  In fact, our customers don’t have to sweat the details of how to execute against their strategic visions.  They have a tried and true process which has been refined, retooled, and most importantly optimized for mobile business operations.

Our customers have reported benefits in

  • Quicker Response Times
  • Accurate Billing
  • Courteous Technicians, Drivers, etc.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Sales
  • Real Time Inventory Count totals
  • Timely Compliance Reporting
  • Fine avoidance
  • Plus Many More Continue reading