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Performance Contracting Group selects MobileFrame as their Enterprise Mobile Solution

Performance Contracting GroupMobileFrame, the leading enterprise mobility company, today announced that Performance Contracting Group (PCG) has selected MobileFrame as their mobility platform standard across the enterprise.

Performance Contracting Group is one of the leading specialty contracting companies in the United States. PCG is a large commercial construction company with roughly 7,000 employees based in over 50 offices across the country. The company provides a wide range of quality services and products to the industrial, commercial and non-residential markets.

PCG wanted to find a way to eliminate paper data collection in the field and manual data entry in the office. The company calculated the number of hours spent every year on manually entering time card data into their labor contract system and knew there had to be a better way. They knew that eliminating the manual data entry for this task alone would result in a significant return on investment.

After researching a number of enterprise mobile application development platform companies, PCG concluded that MobileFrame was the only vendor that could fully meet their requirements. MobileFrame software allows customers to deploy custom applications across all major operating systems and all devices with no coding required, which made PCG’s vendor decision easy and clear cut. MobileFrame allows the PCG team to design and deploy applications in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional custom coding tools. Continue reading

5 Ways Technology Will Continue to Change the Role of the Technician

As technology continues to evolve, the prospect of smarter machines is creating a paradigm of preventative, even predictive maintenance, making it so that something no longer has to break before a technician is deployed to fix it. Innovations such at the emergence of the internet-of-things, self-servicing machines, and stronger remote diagnostic and support tools in the hand of technicians will continue to sculpt their role. While there can be a wide variance in terms of responsibilities for the technician depending on their industries, some trends enabled by emerging technology are bound to become near ubiquitous going into the future. Continue reading

Phoenix Recycling Goes Paperless With MobileFrame


Los Gatos, CA (January 30, 2015) – It might seem odd that a company that recycles over 600 tons of paper every month would want to operate a paperless office.

The trouble with paper isn’t just its environmental footprint; it is also inefficient at moving information and has a high cost of handling.  In order to grow the business, Phoenix Recycling focused on a mobile project with the following goals:

  • Eliminate the double handling of information
  • Collect and make available all the information it could
  • Reduce 85% less paper produced
  • Eliminate 85% of its postage costs
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Unburden employees from meaningless tasks
  • Be the leader in its field
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing more data

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Phoenix Recycling Shreds the Competition with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (February 12, 2013) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, announces that Phoenix Recycling  Inc. has chosen MobileFrame to automate their field service applications.

Based in Canada, Phoenix Recycling specializes in document destruction, records storage, and commercial and industrial recycling. Their customers include over 1400 businesses and they are a four time winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for business excellence in paper shredding from 2007-2010. Continue reading

AM/PM Roadside Service Inc. Drives Greater Staff Efficiency with MobileFrame’s Field Service Solution

Los Gatos, CA (Feb. 5, 2013) – MobileFrame LLC, the industry leading cross-platform mobile application development platform, announces that AM/PM Roadside Service Inc.  has selected MobileFrame’s field service solution.

AM/PM Roadside Service Inc.  was formed in 1999 from a vision of providing a tangible, reliable, 24 hour repair service dedicated to providing Emergency Response for Tractors and Trailers. For over ten years, AMPM’s vision has been firmly established, with a full and ever-growing client roster. AMPM offers world-class services with laptop diagnostic capability and response within 1 hour. Continue reading

Efficient Systems Energizes Their Team with MobileFrame’s Field Service Solution

Los Gatos, CA (September 13, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom enterprise mobile apps, announces that Efficient Systems has selected MobileFrame’s software for their  Field Service and Work Orders Application.

Efficient Systems, Inc . was founded in 1993 to provide energy efficient lighting solutions to commercial customers. Over the years, the business has grown to include heating, air conditioning and electrical plumbing, always with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Efficient Systems is an HVAC company and wants to continue to stay ahead of the competition by eliminating their paper work order forms and the manual data entry hours associated with them. After evaluating other solutions, they found MobileFrame to be a perfect fit.

With MobileFrame’s Field Service Software Solutions, Efficient Systems has instant visibility into their field force activities. This more timely data allows for better management of  their service organization across the entire field service chain – from dispatch and work order prioritizing to tracking parts used and tallying labor costs. MobileFrame is helping Efficient Systems deliver information to their field technicians when they need it most, on-site with the customer. Continue reading

Sabine Pools is Swimming in Success with MobileFrame’s Work Order and Inventory Tracking Apps

Los Gatos, CA (February 9, 2012) – MobileFrame, LLC., the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software, announces that Sabine Pools, a full-service pool and spa company, has chosen MobileFrame’s application to eliminate all paper work associated with work orders and to track inventory for pools, spas and furniture.

Prior to implementing MobileFrame software, Sabine Pools was doing all work orders and inventory manually. This paper-based process was time consuming and error prone. Sabine Pools is now able to eliminate their weekly service form and create a mobile inventory tracking application for their technicians. With this app, technicians can scan incoming shipments, take periodic inventories to determine when to order additional supplies and track items on the shelves and/or warehouse equipment.

Sabine Pools is currently benefiting from:

  • Improved Productivity. The elimination of paper forms frees time for workers to complete more mission critical tasks per day – time is no longer wasted on administrative paperwork.
  • Fewer data errors. By no longer handwriting then re-entering data it into computers, the errors inherent to manual data entry are eliminated and data integrity is improved.
  • Mobile Work Orders. Technicians can create, edit, review and annotate work orders.
  • Parts and Inventory Tracking. Searchable parts list includes quantity of inventory on hand and on order.
  • Real-time Customer Data. Full access to account info, contact data, work order history, parts pricing, promotions and payment collection while on-site with the customer.
  • And much moreContinue reading

Forbes Energy Services Drills into the Competition with MobileFrame’s Work Order App

Los Gatos, CA (December 7, 2011) – MobileFrame LLC., the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software, announces that Forbes Energy Services, an independent oilfield services contractor, has chosen the MobileFrame Platform to replace their previous backend system to automate their work orders. Forbes Energy is an independent oilfield services contractor that provides a broad range of drilling and production related services to oil and natural gas companies.

Forbes Energy began evaluating mobile solutions because their 1,000 technicians were collecting all work order data on handwritten, paper forms. This resulted in 5,000 pieces of paper per day being turned into the office. This in turn required 20 to 30 clerks to manually enter the data into their business systems, resulting in a two week invoicing delay.   Forbes Energy Services needed to find a solution to help organize and ease the distribution and completion of their work orders, and found that MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform was a perfect fit to benefitting technicians as well as dispatchers. With MobileFrame’s Work Order Application, Forbes Energy will save time and money by automating and eliminating paper-based processes, resulting in a huge ROI. Continue reading

Wheat Growers Sprouts More Business with MobileFrame’s Sales Order Entry App

South Dakota Wheat Growers, an innovative grain and agronomy cooperative with many active members throughout the James River Valley in eastern North and South Dakota, has selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software to increase efficiencies and productivity across the company. Wheat Growers was looking for a way to streamline the process that their agronomists, or sales people, used for their sales order entry process. The agronomists were collecting the data on paper then manually entering that data in their backend business systems. Eliminating the manual data entry task alone allows the sales team to spend more time selling and less time doing clerical work.

Making the sales team more efficient is only the first step in improving efficiencies across the entire company. They have big plans for their mobile app deployments, including:

  • Inventory Receiving
  • Picking Sales Orders in the warehouse
  • Packing the orders into shipping cartons
  • Inventory Cycle Counts

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Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. Selects MobileFrame’s Asset Tracking Application

Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. has chosen MobileFrame’s asset tracking application to collect data related to the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in order to aid with federal and state compliance. Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. provides their customers with effective, efficient, ecological solutions to all their liquid and solid temporary storage needs and offers one of the broadest ranges of containment equipment in the industry. With MobileFrame’s solution, they will essentially be able to track movement of large waste containers at large industrial facilities to identify the GPS coordinates, condition, date and time of the move, and much more. With MobileFrame’s 100% code-free platform, Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. is now able to make changes to each one of their customer’s requirements, which they were not able to do with their previous solution.

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