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Phoenix Recycling Goes Paperless With MobileFrame


Los Gatos, CA (January 30, 2015) – It might seem odd that a company that recycles over 600 tons of paper every month would want to operate a paperless office.

The trouble with paper isn’t just its environmental footprint; it is also inefficient at moving information and has a high cost of handling.  In order to grow the business, Phoenix Recycling focused on a mobile project with the following goals:

  • Eliminate the double handling of information
  • Collect and make available all the information it could
  • Reduce 85% less paper produced
  • Eliminate 85% of its postage costs
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Unburden employees from meaningless tasks
  • Be the leader in its field
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing more data

Phoenix Recycling faced a mountain of paper that they wanted to eliminate

Phoenix Recycling had several processes that were generating prodigious amounts of paper.  Each service call required the driver to produce a paper receipt for the customer and another for itself. This process alone was generating over 85,000 sheets of paper every year.  In addition, their billing process generated another 20,000 pieces of paper per year. Clearly Phoenix Recycling had some low hanging fruit to address in its organization for eliminating waste.

Although Phoenix had previously implemented an electronic billing system with reasonable ease, eliminating its paper-based receipts and work orders proved to be a bigger challenge.  Each receipt included several key pieces of information, including the customer signature, a description of materials picked up, additional services performed and details about the equipment serviced. Phoenix knew that they wanted to collect this information electronically but finding software to do everything they needed was very difficult.  Phoenix wanted one software solution that could track their trucks on a map with GPS data,  collect information on the service work their drivers performed, scan barcodes, display job information to their drivers, capture digital signatures and email a receipt to the customer. And, all of the data would need to flow seamlessly back to their SQL database.

After years of searching, Phoenix found the perfect solution with MobileFrame

Phoenix had been searching for a solution for close to a decade, but the combination of compromised software, capital costs and development costs prevented Phoenix from pulling the trigger on the project sooner.  After a thorough evaluation of technology providers, Phoenix selected MobileFrame and was able to deploy exactly what they needed.  The company has now deployed a long list of custom apps to the field and their MobileFrame database is tightly integrated with their back-end SQL database.   Phoenix deployed GPS enabled Motorola MC65s rugged handheld computers with cellular connectivity to their drivers in the field.

“I’m a raving fan of MobileFrame’s software. The speed at which you can deploy apps to the field is unbeatable and there’s simply no other product on the market that can compete with MobileFrame’s ease of use. I was able to deploy custom applications that fit my requirements perfectly without writing a single line of code. My customers now have data at their fingertips that they never had before. They can now fully understand the services they’ve used and plan for future service based on historical numbers.”

– Kristjan Backman, President Phoenix Recycling Inc.

Phoenix has now eliminated all the paperwork associated with its field service work.  Phoenix’s customers now receive emailed receipts with detailed information about every pickup performed.  The database is instantly updated with the status of every pickup, how full containers are and how long drivers are at each site. And,  management receives alerts if there’s a delay or service problem. Phoenix is also tracking a host of other metrics about their business, which has made training new drivers easier and Phoenix’s overall business infinitely more efficient.

 “Phoenix Recycling has completely transformed their company by eliminating paper forms and cumbersome business processes using MobileFrame’s software,” said Patricia Oswalt, MobileFrame’s EVP of Sales & Marketing. “We’ve been able to give the team instant access to data in real-time, enabling management to make quick decisions based on actual data. Phoenix Recycling used our software to automate their entire business, which has resulted in dramatically reduced costs and enhanced customer loyalty.”

The project accomplished the following:

  • Eliminated over 2 hours per day of clerical work and 1 hour per day of dispatcher time
  • Decreased the distance trucks traveled by over 15%
  • Decreased the percentage of windshield time to service time, resulting in more than 18 minutes of available service time per truck per day
  • Highlighted problem customers
  • Increased driver accountability
  • Eliminated missed equipment return visits
  • Eliminated over 100,000 sheets of paper per year

As part of the project Phoenix also decided to provide important data to their customers. The company can now show their customers what resources they’re consuming and show them how to optimize their shredding and recycling programs. In some cases the customers were consuming more resources than they were paying for, so this project has been a success for everyone involved.

Phoenix Recycling continues to grow without increasing its administration costs and sells additional work without adding trucks.  In the end, Phoenix’s investment was worth every penny and hour invested.

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