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MobileFrame Releases Update to Courier Solution for On-Demand Deliveries

LOS GATOS, Calif. (June 5, 2013) — MobileFrame announces the release of version 3.1 of their Courier Pickup & Delivery Solution. Known worldwide as the provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, MobileFrame continues to live up to its reputation as the most innovative company in the enterprise mobility market. It’s true that the mobility market is evolving at a lightning fast speed and is one of the most exciting areas in business today. MobileFrame sets the bar for excellence and innovation with their continuous technology upgrades to their next generation product suite.

“Eliminating the need to run a business on paper forms and excel spreadsheets is one of a few ways that organizations can drive down costs while increasing sales at the same time,” notes Patricia Oswalt, EVP of Sales & Marketing at MobileFrame. “MobileFrame’s software gives our customers the means to run their business more efficiently without having to worry about paperwork.”

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Selects MobileFrame for Their POD Requirements

Los Gatos, CA (August 16, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom enterprise mobile apps, announces that Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has chosen MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application TM  for their Mailroom Proof of Delivery requirements.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute provides expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of cancer and related diseases.   Dana-Farber receives several packages each day by FedEx and UPS into their mail room, which their employees must then deliver to the right person and track that the delivery was completed successfully. Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s Mailroom POD Application, this was being done on clipboard and paper. MobileFrame’s software will be used for many apps, but the next one on the list is to deploy a physical inventory count application. As with most companies, Dana-Farber has many supply cabinets across their buildings where employees can take what they need to do their jobs. Of course that means that over time the supplies need to be replenished, so the app will provide summary reports to the right people. Continue reading

EuropEXpress chooses MobileFrame’s Proof of Delivery Solution

EuroExpress has selected a version of MobileFrame’s proof of delivery application. EuroExpress, a Europian based organization of haulers and couriers, will be using MobileFrame’s home delivery application for truck pickup inventory from a warehouse, then delivery and assembly of the furniture at the customer’s location. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, EuroExpress’ system for collecting such data was proven costly and ineffective. This is expected to be the first phase of a large deployment that will be rolled out as new warehouse distribution centers are loaded. With MobileFrame, EuroExpress will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile proof of delivery applications that closely integrates with their existing Knighted Home Delivery backend system, guaranteeing them a huge ROI.

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Snyder Security Group selects MobileFrame for proof of delivery

Snyder Security Group (SSG) has chosen MobileFrame to automate their proof of delivery because their customers are requiring better accountability and tracking.  They also have a courier business that needs better control and visibility of their pickups and deliveries to provide better customer service. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Snyder Security was collecting data on paper. This was highly inefficient and costly, leading Snyder Security to recognize the need for a robust mobility solution to make this process more efficient. MobileFrame is now automating them with both a proof of delivery dispatch app and a handheld app.  Snyder Security recognized that MobileFrame’s unique full-featured platform was best suited to helping them automate their proof of delivery. With MobileFrame, Snyder Security will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile work order applications that closely integrates with their existing Dos-based backend system, and eliminates the need for manual data re-entry – guaranteeing them a huge ROI.

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Expedited Packages purchases MobileFrame to automate their Proof of Delivery

MobileFrame Proof of Delivery CustomerExpedited Packages has chosen MobileFrame to automate their Proof of Delivery processes.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Expedited Packages had 700 drivers using an outdated Palm application that lacked wireless capabilities and operated only in batch-mode.  They also had 200 people using a hosted application for which they had to pay the vendor for every change; often times, the vendor would refuse to make the requested changes unless it benefited their entire customer base! Expedited Packages recognized that it had become necessary to adopt a more robust mobility solution, one which wouldn’t hold them hostage to the vendor’s whims.  With MobileFrame, Expedited Packages will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement a full-featured POD mobile application that closely integrates with their existing dispatch software. Continue reading

Frontier Logistics to deploy Inventory Management, POD and Rail Fleet Management mobile applications using MobileFrame platform

Frontier Logistics has chosen MobileFrame as their standard mobility platform for use in deploying several mobile applications throughout their organization.  The first mobile application will be for inventory tracking in the warehouse.  They also plan to deploy mobile apps to automate Proof of Delivery (POD) and Rail fleet management.  Frontier’s mobile applications will run on Intermec CN50’s with the Intermec SR61 Bluetooth handheld scanner. The driving force behind Frontier’s decision to standardize on MobileFrame was the need to improve productivity, reduce paperwork and eliminate duplicate data entry. The platform provides the flexibility, ease-of-use and hardware support necessary for Frontier to develop the wide variety of mobile applications their business processes require.  At full deployment, Frontier Logistics expects to have 230 users: 30 in the warehouse and 200 drivers.

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