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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Sturgeon Services International is Pumping Out Work Orders with MobileFrame

Sturgeon Services International (SSI), formerly known as Sturgeon & Sons, has purchased MobileFrame’s work order automation with asset tracking application. SSI is an oil field services company in California, and was looking to automate their work order and asset tracking processes. Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s platform, Sturgeon Services International was completing their work orders in individual Excel spreadsheets per job. The tech would then email the completed spreadsheet to the office. SSI employs 10 clerks who are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data for payroll and billing purposes. The same clerks had to then manually enter all of that data into Microsoft Dynamics and other backend office systems.  SSI found this process to be very time consuming, costly and prone to human error. With MobileFrame’s solution, not only do those clerks get to avoid all that manual data entry, but the company no longer needs to hire new IT staff to develop and manage applications. During the evaluation phase the SSI team particularly liked the simplicity of integrating our system with their back office systems. Continue reading

Does this sound familiar when processing payroll?

• Weekly timecards always equal 40 hours
• Lunches are always 1 hour long?
• Overtime and project time always seems to come in 1 hour increments?

If so, you are not alone. With every new customer that implements a simple time tracking or job costing application they find that they have been able to save every payroll period.
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Separating Fact from Fiction: Digital Forms vs. Mobile Business Applications

Along with the smartphone boom of the past decade we have also seen an exponential increase in the number of companies providing mobile applications.

This increase in the number of available software vendors has caused confusion in the marketplace when trying to determine what the main differences are between companies that provide simple mobile forms vs. mobile business applications.

When most companies are investigating solutions they are looking for ways to eliminate the manual process of collecting information on paper. By eliminating the collection of data on paper, the business will be able to save costs, and ultimately increase profits. As an example let us assume that you are currently looking for a mobile software vendor to help eliminate paper from your field operations. You have completed your preliminary research and think you have found 2 companies that could be a potential fit.
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Contra Costa County has chosen MobileFrame’s Paternity Declaration Application

Contra Costa County, the ninth most populated county in the state of California, has chosen MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Platform to automate California’s Paternity Declaration Application which collects the signatures of unwed parents at the time of a new born child’s birth. Prior to implementing MobileFrame, when a baby was born to an unwed mother, Contra Costa County had to have a form completed that listed both parents. The data on that form is completed by an estimated 2500 birthing clerks in over 700 birthing centers around California. Contra Costa County found this manual entry process to be timely and inefficient. In many cases, it would take the County months to get these completed forms back. MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform will implement these records into the County’s Vital Records (SQL) database.

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