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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ameren selects MobileFrame to automate substation inspections

Ameren has chosen MobileFrame as their standard mobility platform, with their first project being to automate their substation inspections, preventative maintenance and facility repairs. Subsequently, Ameren has 200+ forms that they plan to automate across their various departments.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame, Ameren had 20-25 people who manually re-entered collected data from paper forms.  Ameren’s central IT department recognized that a platform solution, like MobileFrame, would result in a huge ROI when going mobile.  After a thorough evaluation of all solutions in the marketplace, Ameren chose MobileFrame for its ease of use, flexibility, and because MobileFrame provides a complete set of mobility tools that includes an integration wizard and mobile device management.

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The 30 minute Real Time Hospital Meal Selection Application! (Watch the Video)

I was recently at a technology related tradeshow and was approached by a very intrigued sales person that works for one of the major rugged handset manufacturers.  He said MobileFrame sounds great BUT he wanted some specifics on what types of apps we can deploy, specifically for hospitals.  I initially answered him and rattled off many of our advanced capabilities… 100% Code Free, GPS Mapping and Tracking, Mobile Device Management, Real-Time Instant Messaging, etc.

As the conversation progressed he just didn’t believe that our solution could really be that easy to use. I asked him to come back in 30 minutes to see what I could come up with.  I was up to the challenge, so I quickly created an application for taking meal orders from patients in the hospital.  The app allows you to enter the room number, select the main course, side orders, dessert, notate any specific dietary concerns and then synchronize the order back to the office in real time.  When the rep came back and I showed him the following video (See below), he couldn’t believe that I was able to get the done and deployed to the device in 30 minutes.  So, I have an opportunity for you.

If you would like to see for yourself, please challenge us. Send us your paper forms and we will build your custom application and demo it to you live on your very first phone call.

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Mobile Project Gone Wrong?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had multiple discussions with organizations that tried to go mobile, only they weren’t successful. (FYI – None of these organizations have ever been MobileFrame customers)  After hearing about all of the obstacles they tried to overcome, I realized that they all have a few problems in common.
Problems Encountered:

  • Endless Professional Services Cycles (i.e. Development) – One company said that they have been trying to get their pilot started for the last year and a half. They’ve spent $100,000+ on Software and another $40,000+ on Hardware.  The hardware is still sitting in a corner collecting dust.
  • Difficult to use Development Environments – Some of these groups purchased development environments that claimed to be easy to use. They weren’t. This naturally lead to issue #1 which is the need to pay for a lot of money for Professional Services. Continue reading

MobileFrame 4.7 Beta Signup

MobileFrame Engineering is getting close to releasing the next version of our complete mobility solution into open beta.  MobileFrame 4.7 reintroduces DB2 support, built-in version control, several UI and performance improvements… and a few other surprises to be announced soon.

If you are interested in participating in the customer beta, please contact support to ensure your name is on the list and your beta license keys are sent.  You must be a current customer or partner to participate in the beta program.

Rapid Application Development Environments

Rapid Application Development Environments

This topic always generates a lot of discussion, so I’m sure this time will be no different. First let’s start with the definition.

Rapid Application Development – refers to a type of software development methodology that involves techniques like iterative development and software prototyping.   Essentially it is a development style that favors incremental development with constant feedback from the end user.   This development process is repeated until the application has been perfected and meets the needs of the user. Many organizations have found that Rapid Application Development or RAD is a fantastic idea, but is requires advanced tools to make this approach a reality. This is where companies like MobileFrame come into the picture.

In order to “Rapidly Develop Applications” it becomes necessary to provide functionality out of the box, to make the development effort easier.

Some of the things MobileFrame does to make it easier to go mobile include: Continue reading