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Does your mobile strategy include support for the full lifecycle of your mobile applications?

Enterprise mobility is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. Especially when you consider that organizations have been forced to do more with less resources.  Service based organizations, no matter the size have been looking for ways to take advantage of mobile technologies, and uncover the benefits of going mobile.

One fallacy that I’ve found when companies are investigating mobile solution providers is that they fail to consider the full lifecycle of the project.  Here are a couple of questions that should be asked. Continue reading

Asplundh Tree Expert Company Purchases MobileFrame For 1,500 User Initial Deployment With Plans To Automate 8,000 Field Personnel

Asplundh Tree Expert Company, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to implement mobile applications across their operations.   The first set of mobile applications will include Timesheets, Customer Contract Configuration and Employee / Equipment searches. We will be integrating to their backend system called Proamics, which runs on Sybase. In a later phase we will integrate to SAP. Asplundh CIO, George Gunther, was impressed with MobileFrame’s ability to automate applications quickly with no programming, which is very important since they have so many applications they want to deploy. The goal of this mobility project is to improve productivity, reduce errors, and speed up job processing.  George estimates a 122% ROI within 30 months based upon a deployment of 1,500 devices running MobileFrame.  They will start the pilot on existing laptops, then migrate over the handhelds. Follow on phases will automate approximately 8,000 field personnel. Continue reading

Mobile Printing – Houston we have a problem!

I was recently reading the article “Make Mobile Printers Work for You” by Brian Albright featured in the November edition of Integrated Solutions Magazine, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Essentially it was an article that was stressing the importance of planning your mobile solution with an emphasis on the need to plan for mobile printing, because it can take a long time to create.

The article did a good job of pointing out many of the limitations of mobile operating systems, including the lack of the ability to print out of the box, lack of bundled drivers, etc. While it is true that mobile printing isn’t native functionality to Windows CE, Windows Mobile, etc. It is native functionality inside of MobileFrame. In fact our customers don’t need to plan for the use of mobile printing; they can create new print layouts in minutes, and deploy them to field in seconds, all without the need to write a single line of code, or contact us for development. And, MobileFrame supports over 450 mobile printers out-of-the-box.

We’ve done the work to bundle print drivers, and allow users to easily create print layouts via our drag and drop GUI interface;  this eliminates the guesswork, and gives you the benefit of not having to worry about paying for someone to code a print layout.

If you would like to see a live demonstration of our capabilities, feel free to fill out this form, and we will schedule a time to chat.  Don’t forget to follow us on twitter

Make vs. Buy – Why not have both?

Every Organization looking to implement mobile technology is forced to make this same decision: Do I make my mobile application, or buy it?  There are several options to consider. Continue reading

Check out the “Implementing a Strategic Mobile Platform” Webinar

Have you developed your strategy to deliver “mobility applied anywhere” by deploying a Mobile Platform?

This Case Study Webinar (hosted by asiMobileapps on Thursday Nov. 19, 2009 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST) will explore how Microvention, a division of Terumo Medical Corporation, achieved an 80% efficiency gain by deploying the MobileFrame Platform to their field force. Learn how Microvention/Terumo extended their enterprise applications and:

  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Productivity
  • Contributed to the Bottom Line

Register now to hear Somchai Moy, Project Manager at Microvention, Pat Oswalt, Executive Vice President at MobileFrame, and Nels Hackl, Vice President Operations at Automated Systems Inc., as they discuss the challenges and benefits of implementing an enterprise mobility platform in a life science company

Ryder Trauma Center, University of Miami Purchases MobileFrame For 2,000 User Deployment

Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to implement mobile applications across their operations.   Ryder Trauma Center has many years of experience in custom coding applications and found that method too labor intensive, so they were looking for a platform like MobileFrame to make the job easier. They needed to be able to deploy checklists, applications outlining medical procedures, ‘how to’ data about handing off a patient to other team members after a procedure, and collect billing information, etc. Their doctors don’t always have connectivity, so MobileFrame’s thick client is ideal.  And, every doctor wants applications that are unique to them, so MobileFrame’s ability to deploy applications quickly and to make changes to current applications was key in winning the account.  The mobile applications are being deployed to 2,000 resident users. Continue reading

Kiss USA Purchases MobileFrame To Automate Their SAP Enterprise Backend

Kiss USA, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to implement mobile applications across their operations.   Kiss is a manufacturer and distributor of professional nail care products. They are deploying mobile applications to 30 mobile workers. Prior to MobileFrame, Kiss USA had been automated for 10 years running a Palm based app for order entry, inventory, AR, merchandising and invoicing. They had sent MobileFrame screen shots of their invoice, return and order entry apps and were impressed that we could recreate them so quickly. Kiss USA had custom hard coded their applications and they wanted to migrate to Windows Mobile. They still wanted to rewrite their applications themselves, but this time wanted to take much less time to do it. They will be writing their own apps using MobileFrame and will be integrating to SAP. Continue reading

MobileFrame 4.6 Release

Engineering is proud to announce that MobileFrame 4.6  is now officially available to customers and partners.  This release includes many new features such as enhanced authoring, new device management features including remote control of the devices, and the introduction of our GPS Tracking and Mapping modules.

If you are an existing customer or partner you can find the complete release notes in the MobileFrame Developer’s Desk Forums (support account required for access).

Business Decision Making – Are you in the Dark?

Every organization is forced to make difficult decisions on a daily basis.  Business Managers and owners are trying to figure out what inventory to order, what equipment to purchase, what markets to enter, which jobs to bid on, etc. They attempt to gather all of the information available out of the many IT and Paper based systems the organization utilizes, and they render a decision.  BUT what happens when that information isn’t accurate, updated, or available?

Just because the information is not available does not mean that management doesn’t need to make a decision, it just means they have to make a decision in the dark.

What if your management team had the right kinds of information available 100% of the time? I bet it would lead to better decision making.

Here is what some of our customers have said after they have implemented the MobileFrame configurable mobile application to streamline their business operations.

“…MobileFrame’s platform has enabled us to capture real-time payroll hours, contract hours, invoicing data, job cost data, and all relevant information required to run our operation. In addition, MobileFrame provides immediate key performance indicators and productivity feedback metrics to our foremen.  This scoreboard provides Miller invaluable real-time information.”  – Dennis Norman, VP of Corporate Performance Miller Pipeline

“The use of cutting edge technology is an effective way to improve our department’s productivity. The City always tries to engage technically innovative solutions to help us achieve better efficiency” –  Mark Linder, City of San Jose Assistant Manager

“MobileFrame’s software is an incredibly powerful and innovative solution. The benefits of MobileFrame’s solution allows us to service more customers per day and to provide better service to our customers.” – Steve Raymond, CEO of Raymond Handling Concepts Corp.

If you are interested in hearing more about how MobileFrame can assist your organization in making better decisions please contact us.

Phone: 408.885.1200 | Email: | Twitter @MobileFrame

Capital Nephrology Purchases MobileFrame To Automate Medical Forms

Capital Nephrology, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility platform to implement mobile applications across their operations.   Capital Nephrology’s doctors go to different hospitals to see patients and perform some basic procedures. They collect data (codes, notes, etc) about the procedures they perform and with our software they will collect this data electronically instead of on the paper forms they use today. They are deploying MobileFrame on Samsung Omni cell phone/pdas. Continue reading