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Mobility does not have to be a science project

For the past 20 years organizations that have implemented mobile software solutions have found that in order to be successful they had to become subject matter experts in mobile computing. This is in addition to figuring out how to cobble together software components from different vendors in order to ensure a successful deployment.

In fact during a recent meeting with a prospective client we discussed this very topic. During our discussion he said that when his team was implementing their legacy mobile solution in 2003, they had to learn about a variety of technologies related to mobile computing.
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Does your mobile strategy include support for the full lifecycle of your mobile applications?

Enterprise mobility is certainly getting a lot of attention these days. Especially when you consider that organizations have been forced to do more with less resources.  Service based organizations, no matter the size have been looking for ways to take advantage of mobile technologies, and uncover the benefits of going mobile.

One fallacy that I’ve found when companies are investigating mobile solution providers is that they fail to consider the full lifecycle of the project.  Here are a couple of questions that should be asked. Continue reading