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Mobility does not have to be a science project

For the past 20 years organizations that have implemented mobile software solutions have found that in order to be successful they had to become subject matter experts in mobile computing. This is in addition to figuring out how to cobble together software components from different vendors in order to ensure a successful deployment.

In fact during a recent meeting with a prospective client we discussed this very topic. During our discussion he said that when his team was implementing their legacy mobile solution in 2003, they had to learn about a variety of technologies related to mobile computing.


• Application Development
• Database Replication
• Data Deployment
• Application Deployment
• User Authentication
• Device Security
• Mobile Peripherals
• Device Drivers
• Mobile Printing
• and the list goes on…

Furthermore he said that even though his team went through the pain of learning about mobility they still had to rely on a custom application vendor to build their hard coded mobile solution from scratch, and then maintain it. This came at a great cost, and ultimately the developed solution was deemed good enough, and has not been touched since. This “good enough” approach left a number of nice to have features and functionality on the table and negatively impacted the return on investment of the entire project.

The good news for this customer and for any other organization looking to implement a mobile solution is that MobileFrame has solved this problem. We bring together all of the tools needed to ensure a successful mobile deployment across every department, on every device, throughout your entire organization. And, you can do all of this without becoming a mobile computing expert. Furthermore, because our solution is end user configurable, our customers do not have to rely on us to maintain, develop, or enhance their applications. This allows companies the means to control their own environment, lowers total cost of ownership, and provides a quick return on investment.

Some of the tools we provide out of the box include:

If you are interested in learning how other organizations just like yours have eliminated the guess work and have freed themselves from the cost, headaches, and confusion of implementing a mobile solution please contact us today.

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