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Do you have a 360 Degree View of your DSD Data?

Gain Insight, Empower Customers, and Outperform your Competitors

Running a dynamic DSD field force is complex. Today’s DSD applications must allow companies to quickly react to marketplace changes, customer demands and new regulatory policies. With this fast pace of change, customers simply have to be nimble and they need the power to make changes to their DSD apps as soon as the market dictates it. The ability to make changes to apps with no custom coding and to deploy those changes to the field is how a well run DSD business should operate. Legacy apps require customers to go to the vendor to request changes, but this strategy does not allow for speed to market.

Another huge factor in a successful DSD operation is to give management instant access to data as soon as its collected in the field. Most companies have not yet implemented the technology to make data readily available to their management; these enterprises are operating with large blind spots, making it harder for management to take advantage of new opportunities in a fast-paced business climate. The solution to the problem is real-time web portals. Continue reading

MobileFrame Hits It Out of the Park Again With Their Release of Version 5.1 Today

LOS GATOS, Calif. (July 9, 2012) — MobileFrame announces the release of version 5.1 of their Configurable Mobile Application Development Platform.  Known worldwide as the provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom mobile apps, MobileFrame continues to live up to its reputation as the most innovative company in the enterprise mobility market. It’s true that the mobility market is evolving at a lightning fast speed and is one of the most exciting areas in business today. MobileFrame sets the bar for excellence and innovation with their continuous technology upgrades to their next generation product suite.

In today’s environment, mobile applications are a business necessity for any company with a work force collecting data in the field,” notes Patricia Oswalt, EVP of Sales & Marketing at MobileFrame. “MobileFrame’s software allows customers to remain competitive, while increasing productivity and revenue at the same time. Our company is committed to remain innovative by continually enhancing our software, so our customers always have the most cutting edge technology in their hands.Web port with pie charts

Version 5.1 includes a very long list of enhancements.  A short list of some of those enhancements includes: Continue reading

The Ding Doctor Touches Up Their Repair Estimate System with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (March 5, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom enterprise mobile apps, announces that The Ding Doctor, providers of auto reconditioning services, has chose MobileFrame to customize their car repair estimate applications.

The Ding Doctor, or C.A.R.S., was founded with the dream of providing auto dealerships and retail customers with the highest quality reconditioning services and superior customer service in the industry. Since that time, C.A.R.S. has created long lasting and successful partnerships with many of Southern California’s premier auto dealers. They are the number one provider of auto detailing, paintless dent repair, alloy wheel repair, paint touch-up, windshield repair, interior repair, interior repair, paint protection film, window tint, auto body repair and more in Southern California.

The Ding Doctor needed an automated solution that would eliminate the paper and the labor hours associated with the double data entry. Prior to implementing MobileFrame, their mobile workers were collecting data on paper for all repair estimates on damaged vehicles. Those paper forms were then turned over to several clerks who would manually enter that data into their business systems. They found this system to be time consuming and highly inefficient. This is where MobileFrame stepped in. Continue reading

Why isn’t your organization using Barcode Technology?

Barcodes emerged in the 1960’s, primarily in industrial settings, and by the 1970’s they had been standardized and started showing up in more and more commercial applications.  Today barcodes are everywhere.  They enable quick and precise identification in nearly all types of business.  The beauty of the barcode lies in its simplicity, its strength lies in its flexibility.

There are two main reasons why barcoding for inventory applications is beneficial

  1. Productivity
  2. Accuracy

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MobileFrame’s Facilities Management and Building Operations Webinar was a Success!

We had a tremendous turnout for our Facilities Management Webinar with over 100 attendees, spread over 3 different continents. Thank you for your participation!  During this hour long education session our panel of experts discussed the latest trends in facilities management, building operations and mobile business process optimization. Registrants were exposed to the benefits of mobile computing, some of the common challenges associated with going mobile and were introduced to technologies that bridge the gap between the office and the field.

In this webinar we showed our prebuilt work order management solution that’s fully integrated into Archibus, but the same set of apps could easily be integrated to any backend system you have.

Here’s a recap of what was covered:

Operations Managers, Facilities Managers, and Property Managers are charged with collecting and reporting on a wide variety of different types of data. This data needs to be collected out in the field, returned to the office, and entered into the primary back office business application. This manual collection process always creates significant operational challenges.
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What is the perfect application?

Over the last several months I have been talking with many customers and have been asking them to describe the perfect application. This is the list of attributes that they came up with.

  • Integrated
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Enforceable Workflows
  • Clean “Validated” Data
  • Device Support
  • Peripheral Support
  • Location Aware
  • Connection Agnostic
  • Management Tools
  • Support for Change Management
  • Documentation

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Business Decision Making – Are you in the Dark?

Every organization is forced to make difficult decisions on a daily basis.  Business Managers and owners are trying to figure out what inventory to order, what equipment to purchase, what markets to enter, which jobs to bid on, etc. They attempt to gather all of the information available out of the many IT and Paper based systems the organization utilizes, and they render a decision.  BUT what happens when that information isn’t accurate, updated, or available?

Just because the information is not available does not mean that management doesn’t need to make a decision, it just means they have to make a decision in the dark.

What if your management team had the right kinds of information available 100% of the time? I bet it would lead to better decision making.

Here is what some of our customers have said after they have implemented the MobileFrame configurable mobile application to streamline their business operations.

“…MobileFrame’s platform has enabled us to capture real-time payroll hours, contract hours, invoicing data, job cost data, and all relevant information required to run our operation. In addition, MobileFrame provides immediate key performance indicators and productivity feedback metrics to our foremen.  This scoreboard provides Miller invaluable real-time information.”  – Dennis Norman, VP of Corporate Performance Miller Pipeline

“The use of cutting edge technology is an effective way to improve our department’s productivity. The City always tries to engage technically innovative solutions to help us achieve better efficiency” –  Mark Linder, City of San Jose Assistant Manager

“MobileFrame’s software is an incredibly powerful and innovative solution. The benefits of MobileFrame’s solution allows us to service more customers per day and to provide better service to our customers.” – Steve Raymond, CEO of Raymond Handling Concepts Corp.

If you are interested in hearing more about how MobileFrame can assist your organization in making better decisions please contact us.

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