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Do you have a 360 Degree View of your DSD Data?

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Running a dynamic DSD field force is complex. Today’s DSD applications must allow companies to quickly react to marketplace changes, customer demands and new regulatory policies. With this fast pace of change, customers simply have to be nimble and they need the power to make changes to their DSD apps as soon as the market dictates it. The ability to make changes to apps with no custom coding and to deploy those changes to the field is how a well run DSD business should operate. Legacy apps require customers to go to the vendor to request changes, but this strategy does not allow for speed to market.

Another huge factor in a successful DSD operation is to give management instant access to data as soon as its collected in the field. Most companies have not yet implemented the technology to make data readily available to their management; these enterprises are operating with large blind spots, making it harder for management to take advantage of new opportunities in a fast-paced business climate. The solution to the problem is real-time web portals.

MobileFrame’s Direct Store Delivery Solution provides everything a modern DSD business needs to thrive.  In addition to standard DSD functionalities, our solution provides robust web-based management and customer portals, a fully-integrated dispatch application, and cutting-edge mobile applications for RSRs and other field personnel.  Our DSD software is the first in the industry to provide real-time web reporting, allowing organizations to perform up-to-the-minute trending analysis and schedule production based on real-time product sales.  As information is collected in the field it will be instantly available to your managers, office staff and end users via web portals accessible from desktops, tablets and smartphones – providing a 360 degree view of crucial data in real-time for everyone involved in your business.

Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing backend systems, including route accounting systems.  Because our DSD solution is based on the MobileFrame platform, there’s no need for time consuming and costly custom coding – you can easily make changes yourself and go beyond just direct store delivery operations to automate any other business process including plant maintenance work orders, merchandising, asset tracking, etc.

Our Web-based Management Portal Allows Managers and Office Staff to:

  • View and respond to RSR activities in Real-time
  • Generate  Reports and Charts on any Criteria
  • Make decisions based on accurate, up-to-the minute data
  • Review historical product selling trends
  • See photos of competitor products displays, problem areas, damage, etc

Our Web-based Customer Portal Includes:

  • Ability to check delivery Status
  • Review & Print Invoices
  • Change Service Dates
  • Add new locations
  • Review Order History
  • View electronic signatures on invoices, etc.

Connecting with others on your team fuels the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Web portals allow people to share data to accelerate alignment and action and work together towards a common goal. Giving people the data they need drives fact-based, comprehensive business decisions all at the speed of business. All of our web portals are 100% customizable so customers can decide how they want to view and present content with no custom coding required.

For more information, check out our brief DSD solution demo, visit to request a more in-depth look at our solution with one of our Direct Store Delivery experts, or contact for more information.