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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Miller Pipeline Corp. Case Study

Learn more about how Miller Pipeline has had tremendous success using MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software… Continue reading

Mobile Device Management – A little thing that makes a BIG difference

Mobile Device Management or simply MDM is software that provides the ability to control your organizations’ mobile devices while out in the field.   This usually includes functionality like wiping a device’s database, remote application updates and even remote control.

Over the past several years I’ve witnessed many organizations travel down the same path, they focus almost 100% of their energies on incorporating mobile technology into their business, but fail to think about the full lifecycle of the project.  This kind of thinking is usually characterized by questions such as:

  • What should phase 1 include?
  • What should my workflow look like?
  • What kinds of reports do we need?

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Top 10 Questions to ask when Evaluating Mobile Technology Vendors

Here at MobileFrame we encounter many different types of organizations looking to reap the benefits of going mobile.  Traditionally these organizations are seeking to transform their current labor intensive, and error prone, paper based (work order / Inspection / Asset Tracking) system into an automated, error free, paperless environment.  Through our interactions with these clients we have been able to craft some important questions to ask as you begin evaluating different mobile technology software providers. Continue reading

MobileFrame 4.6 Sneak Peek Available

The MobileFrame 4.6 Sneak Peek video is now available to customers via the MobileFrame Support Site.  Engineering produces these videos with each release as a way to give our customers a tutorial of the new features and enhancements to the MobileFrame product line without having to read the release notes.  Enjoy!

Please Note:  you must have a MobileFrame Support Account to view these videos. If you are a Pro Suite user, please contact your MobileFrame Sales Representative to learn more about obtaining a MobileFrame Support Account.

McFarland Cascade Purchases MobileFrame Platform

McFarland Cascade, selected MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software for warehouse and inventory management across their operations.   The first mobile application is for order picking in the warehouse and to track inventory. The next mobile application will track work-in-process in manufacturing of lumber products such as telephone poles.  The biggest motivator driving this project is that their inventory needs to be completely accurate. Because they are shipping telephone poles that weigh hundreds of pounds each, the shipping costs are very high. If they ship the wrong poles in an order it costs too much to ship them back. And, correcting the order then reshipping the product causes them to lose a lot of time.  McFarland also wanted to standardize the processes and get the data faster without manual input. Today they have four clerks doing manual data entry, so there is big ROI around eliminating this labor. Continue reading

MobileFrame v4.6 Includes Improved Setups

For 4.6 we’ve upgraded our setup programs to use the new InstallShield 2010 engine.  The new engine ensures greater compatibility and ease of installation with the next generation of Windows operating systems.

Also, better compression in InstallShield 2010 has made our setup programs significantly smaller in size (down to 72 megs from 180 megs!).  This should make for faster to downloading.

Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility confirmed

I received an email last week from one of our international partners that included a video of an HTC device running MobileFrame 4.6 (beta) on the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.  Although unconfirmed by MobileFrame Engineering (since we can’t seem to get our hands on a WinMo 6.5 device), the video shows that it’s working great.  We didn’t anticipate any issues but it’s nice to see confirmation nonetheless.

Thanks to Xenacom ( for sending us their findings!

MobileFrame passed Windows 7 testing

MobileFrame 4.6 has passed internal testing with 32-bit Windows 7.  The client and administrator tools work well and look great under the new look and feel. Continue reading