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Miller Pipeline Corp. Case Study

Learn more about how Miller Pipeline has had tremendous success using MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software…

Miller Pipeline
Miller Pipeline Corporation is one of the nation’s premier natural gas distribution, transmission pipeline and utility contractors. The company provides a comprehensive range of pipeline contracting and rehabilitation services for natural gas, liquids, water and wastewater pipelines as well as specialty products and services for the industrial and telecommunication industries. For over 50 years Miller Pipeline has provided quality construction, maintenance and rehabilitation services and products to natural gas utilities, and the municipal and industrial infrastructure markets throughout North America.

Download the complete MobileFrame – Miller Pipeline Case Study (pdfLogo PDF).

Previously, Miller relied on paper-based processes to collect data about their jobs completed in the field – at the end of each day, foremen would record the number of hours worked, the names of crew members and the services performed. Superintendents then collected the paperwork, reviewed it for accuracy and submitted it to the corporate office. This process generated an excess of 7,000 sheets of paper on a weekly basis!

In addition, Miller Pipeline needed an enterprise mobility software platform to automate their work orders.  However, each customer required Miller to collect different sets of data using different forms, so they needed a flexible mobility solution that allowed them to modify work orders quickly and deploy them to remote work sites on-the-fly. Due to the sophistication of their work order applications and the scale of their operations, Miller Pipeline’s IT staff determined that they required a full-featured yet easy-to-use platform.  Less than a year ago the idea of the foremen submitting their daily paperwork electronically seemed far away and idealistic. Using MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility software to create mobile work orders and time cards to automate their field service operations, Miller Pipeline’s mobile solution has been a rousing success.

“One of the strategic initiatives developed by the executive management team is ‘lean construction’ to drive productivity. Eliminating the daily obstacles that create unproductive labor hours provides significant value for our customers and employees. MobileFrame’s platform has enabled us to capture real-time payroll hours, contract hours, invoicing data, job cost data, and all relevant information required to run our operation. In addition, MobileFrame provides immediate key performance indicators and productivity feedback metrics to the foremen. This scoreboard provides Miller invaluable real-time information.” — Dennis Norman, VP of Corporate Performance

Some key benefits Miller has experienced include:

  • 25% increase in efficiency of field service operations
  • 90% reduction in data entry, invoicing and job time costs
  • 100% data accuracy via elimination of transcription errors
  • Invoice data accessible one week earlier, resulting in a more expedient invoicing process

To learn more about Miller Pipeline’s successful enterprise mobility project, download the complete MobileFrame – Miller Pipeline Case Study (pdfLogo PDF).

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