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Monthly Archives: November 2010

5 Things you should know about BEFORE you select a mobile software vendor

With more organizations looking for field service applications to streamline operations, it is no surprise that we have seen an increase in the number of mobile software vendors within the marketplace. Please take a few minutes to learn 5 things you should know before you select a mobile software vendor.

  1. Proven – Be weary of solutions that have just been released and companies that have just opened their doors. Unfortunately many vendors have gone to market with solutions that have not been properly tested, documented and de-bugged. This can result in problems building your application, training your team, getting support and downtime out in the field.
  2. Configuration – Make sure that the vendor’s solution can be configured by a member of your team on a moment’s notice without the need to write any code. It is also important that you have the means to deploy these changes automatically without the need to impact mobile workers, or uninstall and re-install the solution.
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Waterbone Environmental, Inc. utilizes MobileFrame for Inspections

Waterbone Environmental, Inc. has chosen MobileFrame to automate their inspections and water quality surveys.  Waterbone Environmental had originally custom coded their own apps, and upon realizing that it was too difficult to manage and it didn’t offer any remote management abilities, they decided to go with MobileFrame’s flexibility and control. Waterbone Environmental recognized that MobileFrame’s unique full-featured platform was best suited to helping them support their environmental consulting business. With MobileFrame, Waterbone Environmental will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile applications that closely integrates with their existing SQL Server – guaranteeing them a huge ROI.

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Hurricane Katrina Success Story


August 29, 2005 is a day that will be remembered forever. This was the day that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast region and changed the lives of many people forever.

The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program was developed after FEMA awarded $281M to the State of Mississippi to fund moving the Katrina victims into more sustainable housing. MobileFrame is proud to have played a key role in the success of the program, which is the most successful out of all of the states funded.  PBS&J combined MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application™ Platform and the Intermec CN3 device to collect data, electronically automating the entire data collection process.
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Navajo Tribal Utility Authority goes paperless with MobileFrame

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority has chosen MobileFrame to automate the readings of 37,000 meters. Navajo Tribal Utility Authority is using MobileFrame to replace their paper-based processes, which they found to be inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone. Navajo Tribal Utility Authority has realized the need for a robust mobility solution with a proven track record. After seeing MobileFrame’s full-featured platform in action, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority was confident that it would meet their needs. With MobileFrame, Navajo Tribal Utility will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile meter reading applications using bar code and in the future plan to implement RFID tags, which easily integrates with their Access backend system.

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