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Hurricane Katrina Success Story


August 29, 2005 is a day that will be remembered forever. This was the day that Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast region and changed the lives of many people forever.

The Mississippi Alternative Housing Program was developed after FEMA awarded $281M to the State of Mississippi to fund moving the Katrina victims into more sustainable housing. MobileFrame is proud to have played a key role in the success of the program, which is the most successful out of all of the states funded.  PBS&J combined MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application™ Platform and the Intermec CN3 device to collect data, electronically automating the entire data collection process.

PBS & J previously collected data on paper forms, but the forms constantly changed and they had the normal human transcription errors that are associated with manual data collection processes. Prior to MobileFrame, their manual process resulted in only 60-70% data accuracy despite their best efforts. Due to the MobileFrame software’s ease of use, PBS & J were able to quickly deploy both site inspection and work order applications built around their own unique requirements with no programming required. The applications allow them to capture GPS coordinates, digital signatures, photos of damage and sketches pertinent to the record. Now that they have this electronic solution implemented, PBS & J was able to eliminate the manual paper based process and simultaneously achieve close to 100% accuracy.

“MobileFrame’s solution has been a great benefit to our company and this program. Deploying technology to solve problems like this is imperative to the growth of our organization. MobileFrame is the software platform that we continue to use to improve our processes.” Joe Lambrix – Project Manager, PBS&J

Without using MobileFrame’s advanced 100% Code Free Platform it would have taken several weeks longer to set-up the program, which would have left Hurricane Katrina victims waiting much longer for their homes.

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