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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Driven Brands eliminates paper based work orders with MobileFrame

Driven Brands has chosen MobileFrame to eliminate their paper based work orders. Driven Brands, whom is successful in the automotive aftermarket, put the growth of its portfolio into high gear with acquisitions of such automotive service brands as AutoQual, Drive N Style, and MAACO Franchising. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Driven Brands used paper-based work orders and sent technicians out to do car interior cleanups.  They purchased the BS and 20 clients to prove concept and this will be deployed to their Auto Qual group, who has 70 end users. With MobileFrame, Driven Brands will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured inspection mobile applications that closely integrates with their existing backend systems.  Continue reading

The Mobile Village Mobile Star Awards are here, and we need your help!

The Mobile Village Mobile Star Awards is a once a year contest where industry professionals cast their vote to recognize the companies with the best products, success stories, and vision within the mobile space. The aim is to increase awareness about mobility and to promote new technologies. With the help of our partners and customers, MobileFrame has consistently swept the competition in every category that we have entered since 2005. We would love to keep the streak alive! Continue reading

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MobileFrame Facilities Mobile Management Solution

Are you interested in eliminating paper by collecting data on handheld devices?

Register Today and learn how our mobile apps can automate your facilities management team in lightening fast speed. Our mobile solution can be integrated to your backend systems and configured to your own business requirements with no custom programming required.

Our Facilities Mobile Management Solutions includes a variety of apps:

  • Work Order Management
  • Building Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Decor Inventory
  • Property Management
  • Assessments
  • and much more…

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MobileFrame is pleased to announce the release of our Healthcare Suite of Applications

MobileFrame’s Healthcare Suite of mobile applications provides organizations with the ability to completely eliminate the manual collection of data typically done on paper and pen.  This suite includes mobile applications for Home Healthcare, Patient Bedside, Paternity Declarations, Durable Medical Equipment Tracking, First Responder, Specimen Tracking, Patient Meal Ordering, Surgery Checklist, Inventory Management, Facilities Management and more.

MobileFrame’s configurable, off the shelf solutions help health care professionals bridge the gap between the office and the field while increasing patient health outcomes, reducing liabilities, increasing profits and increasing provider satisfaction.  Our suite of applications has been designed to help organizations securely and reliably track data related to patients, equipment, and assets.
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Tenet Healthcare Chooses MobileFrame to Automate their Surgery Checklists

Tenet Healthcare has chosen MobileFrame to automate their surgery checklists in order to track patients. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Tenet Healthcare collected data on paper and they had 120 clerks doing the manual data entry to their backend Access Database. Federal regulations require that the surgical implant is inserted within 90 minutes from the time the patient arrives complaining about chest pain, so this application helps them to comply. With MobileFrame, the patient now receives an armband with a barcode that can be scanned and time stamped at every juncture during pre-op.

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Dungan Engineering chooses to Automate their Construction Safety Inspections with MobileFrame

Dungan Engineering has chosen MobileFrame to automate their construction safety inspections. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Dungan Engineering was manually entering their collected field data into their backend system. They realized that this was highly inefficient and costly. After evaluating other mobility solutions, Dungan Engineering quickly recognized that MobileFrame’s unique full-featured platform was best suited to helping them automate their field data. With MobileFrame, Dungan Engineering will be able to reduce paperwork at their home office as well as in the field. Continue reading