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MobileFrame is pleased to announce the release of our Healthcare Suite of Applications

MobileFrame’s Healthcare Suite of mobile applications provides organizations with the ability to completely eliminate the manual collection of data typically done on paper and pen.  This suite includes mobile applications for Home Healthcare, Patient Bedside, Paternity Declarations, Durable Medical Equipment Tracking, First Responder, Specimen Tracking, Patient Meal Ordering, Surgery Checklist, Inventory Management, Facilities Management and more.

MobileFrame’s configurable, off the shelf solutions help health care professionals bridge the gap between the office and the field while increasing patient health outcomes, reducing liabilities, increasing profits and increasing provider satisfaction.  Our suite of applications has been designed to help organizations securely and reliably track data related to patients, equipment, and assets.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Eliminating transcription errors
  • Improving staff productivity
  • Decreasing liabilities
  • Enforcing regulatory compliance
  • Reducing costs
  • Providing real-time, accurate data for making critical decisions

All of our pre-built applications have been built utilizing the MobileFrame platform, so they can easily be customized to fit your unique business requirements without having to wait for expensive custom programming to be completed.  Additionally, our platform can be utilized to automate other paper based business processes within your organization.  This flexibility lowers overall total cost of ownership and provides a rapid return on investment.

Some of our applications include:

  • Patient Care Applications
    • Patient Check-In: Records patient identification, prior health history, allergies, current medications and emergency contacts
    • Patient Medication Administration: Allows healthcare workers to scan patient wrist band, access medication history, log new medication disbursements and capture high resolution photos, digital signatures and voice notes
    • Patient Vitals Check : Digitally documents patient vitals, including blood pressure, temperature, pain levels and notes with the ability to review history
    • Patient Meal Ordering:  Real-time patient meal ordering complete with dietary specific notifications and notes
  • Home Healthcare Visits:  Provides access to patient account information, contact details, prescriptions and physician data, with capability to record progress notes, capture digital signatures, voice notes  and high resolution photos
  • Durable Medical Equipment Tracking: Tracks patient equipment rentals, check-in and check-out times, complete with automatic billing and notifications
  • First Responder: Allows for emergency responders to check-in onsite during an emergency response, tracks equipment used and event details
  • Paternity Declaration: Automatic parent identification via secure driver’s license swipe or bar-code scan, with digital signature capture of both parents and accompanying witness
  • Clinical Trial: Allows for clinicians to easily collect study specific information related to patient health and their progress. Provides automatic status updates and easy to use reports
  • Emergency Medical Services: Complete mobile documentation of patient health information, including health history, allergies and emergency contacts. Provides real-time details to incoming emergency room of all data including treatment provided in current emergency
  • Hospital Management
    • Specimen Tracking: Complete Chain of Custody tracking, including specimen pickup and drop off, temperature recording and GPS location stamps with date/time verification
    • Surgery Checklist:  Digitally documents patient interaction and services from point of entry into the hospital to fulfillment of care
    • Inventory Management:  Allows staff to record physical inventory counts, put away locations and document damaged goods
    • Facilities Management : Enables facilities management staff to track and create work orders related to specific pieces of equipment, review maintenance logs, track billable time and record parts used

If you would like to learn more about our MobileFrame Healthcare Application Suite, please contact us today!

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