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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Expedited Packages purchases MobileFrame to automate their Proof of Delivery

MobileFrame Proof of Delivery CustomerExpedited Packages has chosen MobileFrame to automate their Proof of Delivery processes.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Expedited Packages had 700 drivers using an outdated Palm application that lacked wireless capabilities and operated only in batch-mode.  They also had 200 people using a hosted application for which they had to pay the vendor for every change; often times, the vendor would refuse to make the requested changes unless it benefited their entire customer base! Expedited Packages recognized that it had become necessary to adopt a more robust mobility solution, one which wouldn’t hold them hostage to the vendor’s whims.  With MobileFrame, Expedited Packages will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement a full-featured POD mobile application that closely integrates with their existing dispatch software. Continue reading

MobileFrame 4.7 Release Candidate available

MobileFrame Engineering is proud to announce that the release candidate for MobileFrame 4.7 is now available.  If you are a current beta program participant you can find the release candidate in the My Downloads section of our support site.  If you are not a beta program participant and would like to get the release candidate, contact your sales representative and they’ll be happy to assist you.

This release includes features like built-in and automatic version control, the all new Project Publisher, full 64-bit support, and many other significant improvements further fortifying MobileFrame as the best and most complete solution for enterprise mobility.

Custom Mobile Applications, NO IT department Necessary

Miller Pipeline, a happy MobileFrame customer with over 450 users in the field has automated over 200 5 part forms in just over 18 months.  Here’s the kicker


Want to hear more about how Miller Pipeline, and how they were able to eliminate 7000 sheets of paper per week? Watch the video below.

MobileFrame – Miller Pipeline Customer Success Story from MobileFrame on Vimeo.

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Mobile Apps with full integration to Archibus now available

Are you interested in eliminating paper by collecting data on handheld devices? MobileFrame’s Archibus Mobile Management Solution allows organizations utilizing ARCHIBUS™ to bridge the gap between the office and the field by eliminating field based paper processes. We have a full suite of apps, including work order management, building operations, asset management and property management.

This out of the box solution will transform your business. Each application is configurable around your own requirements and better yet, there is no coding required. That means that you can have completely custom apps with no custom programming.

Feel free to watch our online demo at:

Continue reading

MobileFrame Field Services Webinar was a Huge Success

Field Force Automation WebinarWhat is better than happy customers?  Happy customers that don’t have a problem telling others how much they love us!

Denny Norman VP of Corporate performance for Miller Pipeline spoke about his organization and how they were able to harness the power of MobileFrame to enable their organization to realize incredible productivity gains.
Here are a couple of quotes from Denny’s presentation at the Webinar.

• “We have never had a synchronization problem or lost one single character of data”
• “We didn’t want to contract or buy a software platform that we would get nickel and dimed on. MobileFrame was the only vendor that didn’t have any additional costs”
• “We have automated over 200 unique 5 part forms in just over 18 months”
• “Integration was very smooth with our AS400 System”
• “We have 100% billing accuracy, which is unbelievable”

To listen to Denny’s full presentation please click on the video below Continue reading