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Mobile Apps with full integration to Archibus now available

Are you interested in eliminating paper by collecting data on handheld devices? MobileFrame’s Archibus Mobile Management Solution allows organizations utilizing ARCHIBUS™ to bridge the gap between the office and the field by eliminating field based paper processes. We have a full suite of apps, including work order management, building operations, asset management and property management.

This out of the box solution will transform your business. Each application is configurable around your own requirements and better yet, there is no coding required. That means that you can have completely custom apps with no custom programming.

Feel free to watch our online demo at:

During the Online Demo you will be able to review our Mobile Archibus Applications including integration back into Archibus.

You will be able to see how to:

  • Create, assign, and manage work
  • Craftsperson assignment, and time tracking
  • Parts Consumption
  • On Demand & PM Work
  • Archibus Integration

If you’d like to see a more detailed demo of the solution, please contact me today at:

Nick Hession | Phone: (208) 577-6179 | Email: