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Monthly Archives: September 2010

General Electric selects MobileFrame for Fire Extinguisher and Water Valve Inspection automation

General Electric has chosen MobileFrame to automate their fire extinguisher and water valve inspections.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, GE’s inspectors collected data on paper and manually re-entered the results into their Access Database.  GE realized that it had become necessary to adopt a robust mobility solution to make these inspections more efficient.  After thoroughly evaluating several point solutions, GE recognized that they needed a more comprehensive solution with a complete set of mobility tools. With MobileFrame, General Electric will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured inspection mobile applications that closely integrates with their existing backend systems. Continue reading

National Archives Deploys MobileFrame’s Asset Tracking Application

National Archives (NARA) has selected MobileFrame’s asset tracking application to identify items and their location through barcode scanning. In addition to keeping the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, National Archives also hold in trust for the public the records of citizens including military records, immigration records and much more. Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s platform, National Archives was keeping track of approximately 30 million assets on paper, which would result in several issues, including problems locating those assets when needed, as well as the risk of possibly losing any of those records. National Archives found this process to be inefficient and extremely time consuming. MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform allows the implementation of these records into National Archives Oracle and Siebel backend systems.

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Does your service based business need access to lots of different data that changes constantly?

Many service based businesses that are utilizing old paper based methods to manage their daily tasks are also faced with the challenge of how to manage the unexpected. A great example of this is the daily dispatching of scheduled work orders. As a matter of routine, mobile workers travel into the office, pick up a pile of pre-printed work orders, then travel out into the field, and start working. BUT, what happens when someone calls in sick, needs help, is missing a part, a job is cancelled, or an emergency occurs?

On paper it’s pretty easy to explain what happens, everything in the office has to STOP while the dispatcher or service manager figures out how to untangle this mess. Usually this involves multiple phone calls to technicians to figure out job status, parts on hand, etc. Then after you find someone who can handle the additional work, how do you get them all of the needed information about the new job? They will likely need to know the customer name, address, contact information, description of the work needed, parts required, past history, etc.
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Atlas Machine & Supply chooses MobileFrame to automate their work order process

Atlas Machine & Supply has chosen MobileFrame to automate their work order processes.  Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Atlas Machine had 5 clerks just for manually entering their collected field data into their backend system in addition to their large mobile workforce.  This was highly inefficient and costly, leading Atlas Machines to recognize the need for a robust mobility solution to make this process more efficient.  After evaluating several mobility solutions, Atlas Machine & Supply recognized that MobileFrame’s unique full-featured platform was best suited to helping them automate their work orders and manage their field force. With MobileFrame, Atlas Machine & Supply will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured mobile work order applications that closely integrates with their existing Exact Job Boss backend system, and eliminates the need for manual data re-entry – guaranteeing them a huge ROI. Continue reading

Calling all AIDC, RFID, and Mobile Computing Experts!

We are expanding our partner community and YOU are INVITED! In case you haven’t heard of us before we are the industry leader in 100% code free mobile application development, and include all of the tools to your customers go mobile.

Utilizing the unlimited capabilities of the MobileFrame platform, our partner program will arm you with everything you need close more business faster

Some of the key sales related benefits include:

  • The ability to easily enter new markets
  • Develop custom mobile applications in less time and with less effort
  • Accelerate hardware sales cycles by being able to recommend the “Perfect” mobile solution that will exceed the requirements for any application, or department
  • Expand sales opportunities in existing accounts, allowing for your customers to leverage their investment and increase ROI.

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