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Does your service based business need access to lots of different data that changes constantly?

Many service based businesses that are utilizing old paper based methods to manage their daily tasks are also faced with the challenge of how to manage the unexpected. A great example of this is the daily dispatching of scheduled work orders. As a matter of routine, mobile workers travel into the office, pick up a pile of pre-printed work orders, then travel out into the field, and start working. BUT, what happens when someone calls in sick, needs help, is missing a part, a job is cancelled, or an emergency occurs?

On paper it’s pretty easy to explain what happens, everything in the office has to STOP while the dispatcher or service manager figures out how to untangle this mess. Usually this involves multiple phone calls to technicians to figure out job status, parts on hand, etc. Then after you find someone who can handle the additional work, how do you get them all of the needed information about the new job? They will likely need to know the customer name, address, contact information, description of the work needed, parts required, past history, etc.

It doesn’t take too long to realize that this process could definitely benefit from some improvement.

As you may be aware MobileFrame is the industry leader in Configurable Mobile Applications™ that bridge the information gap between the office and the field. We offer a library of pre-built mobile apps that can be used right out of the box. Because they are built using MobileFrame, they can also be easily changed to meet your requirements.

One of the main features that help our customers get information they need out into the field in real-time is our Dynamic Enterprise Data feature. This built in data deployment toolset makes it easy for business administrators to manage transactional data. When used in conjunction with our Integration Wizard, MobileFrame can easily pull information from any 3rd party application and assemble it logically before it gets sent out into the field. This way companies are able to dynamically deploy the right data, to the right person, at the right time. If the company I mentioned above was using MobileFrame, work order re-assignments could be handled within our scheduling app and automatically notify mobile workers of the changes. This liberates office administrators from having to stop everything to manage daily emergencies.

Many customers have also noticed that Dynamic Enterprise Data also provides other benefits, such as:

  • Increased time to spend on higher value-added tasks
  • Automatic exception management
  • Reduced database size
  • Increased application performance

If your organization is stuck managing a growing pile of paperwork instead of your focusing on your customer, please take us up on our MobileFrame Mobility Challenge. Send us your existing forms and we will create a complete working mobile application and demo it to you live on our very first phone call.

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