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Deiter Brothers is Delivering More Efficiency with MobileFrame’s Field Service App

Los Gatos, CA (September 19, 2011) – MobileFrame, LLC., the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications™ enterprise software, announces that Deiter Brothers, an HVAC delivery company, has chosen MobileFrame’s Field Service Application for their technicians. Deiter Brothers has been providing fuel oilheating oilpropane, HVAC,  air conditioningradiant heatheat pumpfurnaceonsite and fleet fueling, and other indoor comfort services in many homes and businesses in the Lehigh Valley area for over 80 years.

In order to become more efficient and eliminate manual data entry and paperwork in addition to providing real-time invoicing for their customers, Deiter Brothers chose MobileFrame’s Field Service Application.  Through MobileFrame’s partnership with Blue Cow Software, which is also their business system, Deiter Brothers will be much more efficient for real time invoicing and eliminating paper work now that they will no longer be tied to a paper based system. Continue reading

Scheid Vineyards has chosen MobileFrame’s Inventory Control Application

Scheid Vineyards has chosen MobileFrame’s Inventory Control Application to track their inventory and crops. Prior to MobileFrame they were doing most of their data entry and inventory tracking manually, and found this system to be timely and inefficient. As Scheid Vineyards continues to grow, they decided that they were in need of more advanced software technology to help streamline their business operations. After researching several software packages, it was obvious that MobileFrame was a perfect fit. With MobileFrame, Scheid Vineyards has been able to automate harvest tracking and fertilization information down to the individual row level, which has achieved significant efficiency gains for the company. Now that Scheid Vineyards has automated the vineyard side of their business, they will be able to streamline their wineries data and inventory on the same platform, thus driving a much higher ROI.

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When Selecting Mobile Solutions, don’t leave any ROI on the Table.

Enterprise Mobility ROIWhen investigating mobile software solutions every organization has to ask themselves the age old question: “Can I find something off the shelf to solve this problem?”

I invite you to consider the merits of evaluating an alternative approach before spending money on a solution.

FACT: Off the shelf mobile software solutions are developed by companies that identify some common problems in a specific market, then build a software solution that addresses some of those needs. This is also called a one size fits all approach.

PROBLEM: Here is where the problem lies; no two organizations even within a specific market operate in exactly the same way.  The associated business logic that has made your organization successful can’t be incorporated into a boxed solution intended to fit the masses.
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Barcode Asset Inspection – Challenge Accepted

Here at MobileFrame we are pretty good at solving the problem of paper in the field. In this case we had a customer come to us with a very simple yet, annoying problem.

Here’s the current process:

  • Write the Barcode from the asset on a sheet of paper
  • Indicate if it passed or failed inspection
  • If the asset failed, indicate why

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Challenge Us! Send us your forms – we’ll build your custom mobile application and demo it to you live

challengeusWe are inviting YOU to send in YOUR paper forms and have us build you a custom application. We will then demo it for you on our very first phone call.  Our enterprise mobility system is 100% code-free, eliminating custom programming through an intuitive, user friendly point-and-click desktop, enabling novice computer users to easily create and deploy sophisticated custom mobile applications.  Don’t believe us? Send in your form, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in learning more about our advanced capabilities and how we can empower your service based organization to operate more efficiently please contact us today! |  Office:  (408) 885-1200  | twitter @MobileFrame

Make vs. Buy – Why not have both?

Every Organization looking to implement mobile technology is forced to make this same decision: Do I make my mobile application, or buy it?  There are several options to consider. Continue reading

Business Decision Making – Are you in the Dark?

Every organization is forced to make difficult decisions on a daily basis.  Business Managers and owners are trying to figure out what inventory to order, what equipment to purchase, what markets to enter, which jobs to bid on, etc. They attempt to gather all of the information available out of the many IT and Paper based systems the organization utilizes, and they render a decision.  BUT what happens when that information isn’t accurate, updated, or available?

Just because the information is not available does not mean that management doesn’t need to make a decision, it just means they have to make a decision in the dark.

What if your management team had the right kinds of information available 100% of the time? I bet it would lead to better decision making.

Here is what some of our customers have said after they have implemented the MobileFrame configurable mobile application to streamline their business operations.

“…MobileFrame’s platform has enabled us to capture real-time payroll hours, contract hours, invoicing data, job cost data, and all relevant information required to run our operation. In addition, MobileFrame provides immediate key performance indicators and productivity feedback metrics to our foremen.  This scoreboard provides Miller invaluable real-time information.”  – Dennis Norman, VP of Corporate Performance Miller Pipeline

“The use of cutting edge technology is an effective way to improve our department’s productivity. The City always tries to engage technically innovative solutions to help us achieve better efficiency” –  Mark Linder, City of San Jose Assistant Manager

“MobileFrame’s software is an incredibly powerful and innovative solution. The benefits of MobileFrame’s solution allows us to service more customers per day and to provide better service to our customers.” – Steve Raymond, CEO of Raymond Handling Concepts Corp.

If you are interested in hearing more about how MobileFrame can assist your organization in making better decisions please contact us.

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