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Are Tablets Right For DSD?

On April 3, 2010 the enterprise mobility landscape changed forever, Apple released the first generation iPad sparking a wave of innovation among computer manufactures and application developers that has continued at a torrid pace. According to Forrester Research analyst Frank Gillett, tablet sales are expected to increase from the 56 million units sold in 2011 to 375 million in 2016, with 750 million tablets in use by then. Forrester expects that one-third of these tablets will be purchased by businesses. Application developers have been aware of this trend and according to a study by VisionMobile roughly 50% of mobile developers are now targeting tablets (this number is even higher for iOS Developers), which is up from just over 1/3 for developers last year.

Well that’s great but how does it apply to DSD?

If you have an existing DSD Solution in place then you know the hard work that was involved in getting the application built to your specifications, integrated with your back-end systems, testing on the desired mobile computer, etc. Based on our experience many legacy DSD solutions take 18+ months to be fully deployed within an organization. Many companies are not eager to jump ship, only to repeat that painful process again.
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When Selecting Mobile Solutions, don’t leave any ROI on the Table.

Enterprise Mobility ROIWhen investigating mobile software solutions every organization has to ask themselves the age old question: “Can I find something off the shelf to solve this problem?”

I invite you to consider the merits of evaluating an alternative approach before spending money on a solution.

FACT: Off the shelf mobile software solutions are developed by companies that identify some common problems in a specific market, then build a software solution that addresses some of those needs. This is also called a one size fits all approach.

PROBLEM: Here is where the problem lies; no two organizations even within a specific market operate in exactly the same way.  The associated business logic that has made your organization successful can’t be incorporated into a boxed solution intended to fit the masses.
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