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Calling all AIDC, RFID, and Mobile Computing Experts!

We are expanding our partner community and YOU are INVITED! In case you haven’t heard of us before we are the industry leader in 100% code free mobile application development, and include all of the tools to your customers go mobile.

Utilizing the unlimited capabilities of the MobileFrame platform, our partner program will arm you with everything you need close more business faster

Some of the key sales related benefits include:

  • The ability to easily enter new markets
  • Develop custom mobile applications in less time and with less effort
  • Accelerate hardware sales cycles by being able to recommend the “Perfect” mobile solution that will exceed the requirements for any application, or department
  • Expand sales opportunities in existing accounts, allowing for your customers to leverage their investment and increase ROI.

The MobileFrame Customer Application Challenge, Send us your customers’ paper forms and we’ll create a working prototype of their mobile application, then demo it to them live the very next business day.

The MobileFrame platform offers a fully functional and easy to use Mobile Computing Platform with all of the tools you need to ensure a successful mobile deployment. This enables your customers to gain a competitive advantage by replacing manual paper based business processes with automated mobile solutions that boost productivity and increase revenue.

Some of the key benefits include:

Our FREE Partner program is unmatched in the industry and includes:

  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Technical Support
  • Online Sales Demo with Private Partner Account Passwords (Includes, email notifications when viewed by customer prospects)
  • Internal Development Licenses
  • Sample Mobile Applications to get you up and running quickly
  • Online Basic User training to help get you dangerous
  • 3-day advanced technical training to make you an expert
  • Banded Sales and Marketing Collateral, including success stories and case studies.

To take the next step, please contact us today:

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