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Automatic Device Driver Recognition? What is that?????

I love talking to prospects about how MobileFrame can solve their problems and today I had a very interesting conversation that I thought I’d share. I was chatting with a prospect who was interested in replacing an old system that they have been using for the past 3 years. I was amazed to hear that their most annoying problem is getting new devices provisioned and sent out into the field.   Apparently their current software vendor forces them to deal with 45+ different cab files! They have a different file for each device model, OS, configuration, etc.

He said it is a nightmare to look through these different CAB files to find the exact right one for the device that they are loading. He said they waste hours on this every time they go to roll-out new devices….

The good news is that MobileFrame has the answer.

When provisioning a new device with MobileFrame the process is simple:

  1. You run the MobileFrame Client Installer, which loads the software onto the device.
  2. Once completed you launch the MobileFrame client on the device, enter in your credentials and synchronize.

Here is where the magic happens:

Upon the first synchronization MobileFrame AUTOMATICALLY detects what kind of device you are using and dynamically downloads the correct device drivers to make all of the peripherals function properly.

That means that the camera, barcode scanner, RFID Reader, mag stripe reader, etc. just work right out the box and you don’t need to waste countless hours trying to find the right cab file. If you think this is pretty slick you might be interested in taking us up on a live demonstration. This is just one of many features that are built into our software that ensure you will have a successful deployment. We’d be happy to show you how easy it is to build, manage, and deploy custom mobile applications. Click here to arrange your personalized Demonstration of our capabilities