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Top 10 Questions to ask when Evaluating Mobile Technology Vendors

Here at MobileFrame we encounter many different types of organizations looking to reap the benefits of going mobile.  Traditionally these organizations are seeking to transform their current labor intensive, and error prone, paper based (work order / Inspection / Asset Tracking) system into an automated, error free, paperless environment.  Through our interactions with these clients we have been able to craft some important questions to ask as you begin evaluating different mobile technology software providers.

  1. How is this application, and others developed?  What level of technical expertise is required to write applications, make changes to current apps and to manage updates?  Would our team be able make changes to the application with no coding required?
  2. What kinds of mobile computers are supported?  What happens if you have some users that want a windows mobile device and others that would prefer laptops, tablet pc’s or desktops?  What kind of cost is associated with each different device supported?  Can I capture digital signatures, scan barcodes, take photos and capture GPS data these different devices?   Are there separate installers for each of them?
  3. What happens with the backend data that is constantly changing, like work order assignments, inventory levels, etc?  How do the mobile workers get the data?  Is it an automated process?
  4. What are my out of the box integration options with different backend systems?
  5. What happens when there is no Internet connection on the mobile device?
  6. Can I remotely manage a device while it is out in the field? Does the solution allow for remote control of devices? Can I get stats of each device such as memory usage, database size, etc?
  7. What happens if a worker is synchronizing data and the connection gets dropped?
  8. Can I track my mobile workers in real-time on a map?
  9. Does the solution allow for real-time instant messaging? Can I view the logs of all messages sent and received?
  10. Do I have to manually upgrade each device if the vendor issues a new release of their software or can this be managed remotely?

There are just some of the many questions that organizations interesting in mobility should consider.  To receive our answers to these questions, and a free mobility assessment, please contact us directly.

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