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MobileFrame passed Windows 7 testing

MobileFrame 4.6 has passed internal testing with 32-bit Windows 7.  The client and administrator tools work well and look great under the new look and feel.

The MobileFrame Server components all work very well under Windows 7 also.  It seems that Microsoft has made some nice performance improvements in IIS for Windows 7.  The MobileFrame Server components are faster in Windows 7 than they were in both Windows Vista or XP.

One small gotcha, when you activate the Windows 7 IIS feature, the IIS Management console wasn’t checked by default.  Even though the MobileFrame Server still installs and runs correctly without it, it was confusing to not see it in the Administrator Tools.  Also, if you’re coming from the original IIS 6 style management console (XP, Windows 2003), be aware that the new versions of IIS have a haphazard Vista-esque user interface that you’ll have to learn.