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Announcing Release of MobileFrame version 4.7

MobileFrame Enterprise Mobility Software
MobileFrame proudly announces version 4.7 of our enterprise mobility platform. With this version, we have added a series of useful new features including:

  • Database Setup Wizard.  This wizard helps users quickly and easily create a new MobileFrame database and set it up for use.  It will work with any/all databases supported by MobileFrame including SQL, Oracle and DB2 databases.
  • Task Version History.  When you save a task (a mobile application), an automatic backup of that version will be generated and stored in the database.  You can review all versions of your tasks, rollback to a particular version, or export different versions of your task.
  • Project Publisher.  With the new Project Publisher, Administrators can “publish” (export) entire Projects including mobile applications, enterprise data (static and dynamic), mobile workers, etc. This allows Administrators to move projects across servers from development to production and/or create complete backups of their projects. Continue reading

MobileFrame v4.6 Includes Improved Setups

For 4.6 we’ve upgraded our setup programs to use the new InstallShield 2010 engine.  The new engine ensures greater compatibility and ease of installation with the next generation of Windows operating systems.

Also, better compression in InstallShield 2010 has made our setup programs significantly smaller in size (down to 72 megs from 180 megs!).  This should make for faster to downloading.

MobileFrame passed Windows 7 testing

MobileFrame 4.6 has passed internal testing with 32-bit Windows 7.  The client and administrator tools work well and look great under the new look and feel. Continue reading