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Announcing Release of MobileFrame version 4.7

MobileFrame Enterprise Mobility Software
MobileFrame proudly announces version 4.7 of our enterprise mobility platform. With this version, we have added a series of useful new features including:

  • Database Setup Wizard.  This wizard helps users quickly and easily create a new MobileFrame database and set it up for use.  It will work with any/all databases supported by MobileFrame including SQL, Oracle and DB2 databases.
  • Task Version History.  When you save a task (a mobile application), an automatic backup of that version will be generated and stored in the database.  You can review all versions of your tasks, rollback to a particular version, or export different versions of your task.
  • Project Publisher.  With the new Project Publisher, Administrators can “publish” (export) entire Projects including mobile applications, enterprise data (static and dynamic), mobile workers, etc. This allows Administrators to move projects across servers from development to production and/or create complete backups of their projects.
  • Desktop Administrator Preferences.  Customize the level of access granted to each Business Administrator in the MobileFrame system. With this feature, System Administrators have finely-tuned control over which features each Business Admin can access, from creating tasks to monitoring mobile workers to full administrative privileges.
  • Restart the MobileFrame Client.  In addition to the full suite of Mobile Device Management features previously offered via our Remote Manager tool, Administrators now have the ability to remotely restart the MobileFrame Client on a mobile device – unloading MobileFrame from memory and re-starting just where a mobile worker left off.  With this feature, Administrators have an even greater level of control over devices in the field.
  • Enhanced Step Editor. Administrators can now build applications directly from the Screen Designer – truly drag and drop mobile application development.  In addition, users can now add or edit steps from within workflow functions using step drop downs or insert step features – greatly simplifying and error-proofing the organic development process generally used by novice users.
  • Advanced Photograph Functionality. Our new Change Photo function adds the ability to resize a photograph to specified dimensions and/or add captions to photographs.

MobileFrame’s Product Suites enable businesses to rapidly deploy a variety of mobile applications with a low total cost of ownership and a high return on investment. As always, our patented Smart Architecture™ provides a user friendly point and click desktop that enables novice computer users to easily create, deploy and manage sophisticated mobile applications without the need for costly and time-consuming custom coding typically required in mobile application development.

“MobileFrame’s software continues to surpass all competitive offerings in the market place,” said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame’s CEO and President. “There is simply no competitive technology that facilitates 100% Code Free Computing. This release continues to keep MobileFrame at the forefront of enterprise mobility, providing customers the most flexible and comprehensive mobility system in the market.”

For more information, or to obtain a copy of MobileFrame version 4.7, contact your MobileFrame Sales Rep or