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The Ding Doctor Touches Up Their Repair Estimate System with MobileFrame

Los Gatos, CA (March 5, 2012) – MobileFrame LLC, provider of the only cross-device mobile application development platform that requires no custom coding to develop custom enterprise mobile apps, announces that The Ding Doctor, providers of auto reconditioning services, has chose MobileFrame to customize their car repair estimate applications.

The Ding Doctor, or C.A.R.S., was founded with the dream of providing auto dealerships and retail customers with the highest quality reconditioning services and superior customer service in the industry. Since that time, C.A.R.S. has created long lasting and successful partnerships with many of Southern California’s premier auto dealers. They are the number one provider of auto detailing, paintless dent repair, alloy wheel repair, paint touch-up, windshield repair, interior repair, interior repair, paint protection film, window tint, auto body repair and more in Southern California.

The Ding Doctor needed an automated solution that would eliminate the paper and the labor hours associated with the double data entry. Prior to implementing MobileFrame, their mobile workers were collecting data on paper for all repair estimates on damaged vehicles. Those paper forms were then turned over to several clerks who would manually enter that data into their business systems. They found this system to be time consuming and highly inefficient. This is where MobileFrame stepped in.

With MobileFrame’s 100% code free platform, The Ding Doctor was able to automate their data entries, doing away with paper forms and saving an exorbitant amount of labor hours as well as eliminating human error.

With MobileFrame, the Ding Doctor has seen many key benefits that contribute to a higher ROI, including:

  • Fewer data errors: By no longer handwriting data then re-entering it later into their business systems, the errors inherent to manual data entry are eliminated and data integrity is improved.
  • Improved Productivity: The elimination of paper forms frees time for workers to complete more mission critical tasks per day – time is no longer wasted on administrative paperwork.
  • Immediate access to real-time reports for management: Managers now have up to date information about the work their field force is completing each day.

 “The Ding Doctor needed to find a mobile solution that would eliminate paper and the hours associated with data entry. After adopting MobileFrame’s electronic solution, they were able to boost productivity and efficiency while reducing costs”.

-Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO

With decreasing profit margins and mobile workforce expenses at an all-time high, businesses are strapped with finding resourceful ways to remain competitive and profitable.  Most application development tools require costly and time-consuming development to build a usable application. MobileFrame’s enterprise mobility solution allows The Ding Doctor to create not only their car repair estimate applications, but also any other app for any department with any requirement. They can also deploy the apps utilizing their existing equipment, allowing them to build upon their existing success.

About C.A.R.S.

C.A.R.S. was founded with the dream of providing auto dealerships and retail customers with the highest quality reconditioning services and superior customer service in their industry. Since that time, C.A.R.S. has created long lasting successful partnerships with many of southern California’s premier auto dealers, including a 14 plus year relationship with the largest dealership in the world. We are proud to be the number one provider of Auto Detailing, Paintless Dent Repair, Alloy Wheel Repair, Paint Touch-Up, Windshield Repair, Interior Repair, Paint Protection Film, Window Tint, Auto Body Repair and more in Southern California. To learn more, visit:


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MobileFrame’s award-winning mobility platform is an entirely self-contained mobility solution that provides full functionality out-of-the-box, with no custom programming, no third-party mobile gateways, synchronization engines or SDK’s required. MobileFrame’s software allows users to capture photographs, voice notes, documents, templates, logos, sketches, digital signatures, bar code scans, magnetic strip read outs, RFID tags, advanced algorithmic functions, and attach them directly into their mobile applications. Applications are stored in a library so administrators can quickly make changes whenever operational requirements change, enabling on-the-spot deployment of a wide variety of mobile applications.

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