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Mobile Project Gone Wrong?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had multiple discussions with organizations that tried to go mobile, only they weren’t successful. (FYI – None of these organizations have ever been MobileFrame customers)  After hearing about all of the obstacles they tried to overcome, I realized that they all have a few problems in common.
Problems Encountered:

  • Endless Professional Services Cycles (i.e. Development) – One company said that they have been trying to get their pilot started for the last year and a half. They’ve spent $100,000+ on Software and another $40,000+ on Hardware.  The hardware is still sitting in a corner collecting dust.
  • Difficult to use Development Environments – Some of these groups purchased development environments that claimed to be easy to use. They weren’t. This naturally lead to issue #1 which is the need to pay for a lot of money for Professional Services.
  • Lack of Product Documentation – This is something that most people don’t think about until its too late, but ALL of the organizations with failed implementations said that the lack of product  documentation (how to’s, wiki’s, frequently asked questions, installer guides,  etc.) rendered the already difficult to use Development Environment useless, which lead to the need to pay for Professional Services…
  • Hidden Costs – one customer told me he thought that the provider he chose to develop his application was going to be the perfect fit – relatively affordable, solid, great product vision, and support.  However, when he needed to make a very simple change to his application (i.e. changing the label on a text box, and increasing the size of buttons), he was charged with 40 hours of development time.

If any of the above describes your organization I have good news….. MobileFrame can help you. Our development environment is easy to use.  Don’t believe me? Challenge us, send us your paper form, and we’ll build your application and demo it to you live on our very first phone call. Additionally, our professional services group has thousands of successful mobile implementations under their belts and can deliver your pilot in 2-4 weeks.  Not to mention we have a full suite of product related documentation, sample apps, online training, and support.  With the MobileFrame Platform, your company has the power to make changes to your application with our 100% code free mobile computing environment and deploy the changes out to the field in minutes. There are never any hidden costs and no need to pay us to make changes to your application.

If you are interested in having MobileFrame help you salvage your mobile project, contact us today!