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Does this sound familiar when processing payroll?

• Weekly timecards always equal 40 hours
• Lunches are always 1 hour long?
• Overtime and project time always seems to come in 1 hour increments?

If so, you are not alone. With every new customer that implements a simple time tracking or job costing application they find that they have been able to save every payroll period.

What is interesting is that time-keeping laws require that time records be true and accurate and this responsibility falls upon the employer. While it is in your employee’s best interest to keep precise documentation of time worked, but in reality it is difficult getting them to do this. Each year employers are required to pay on unpaid overtime and can even face civil or criminal penalties for failure to comply with wage requirements.

The flip side of this is trusting that your employees are reporting their time accurately and not taking advantage. Intentionally or not, it’s easy to round 50 minutes of work or a 70 minute lunch to an hour. Over the course of a month this rounding can cost the company additional hours of labor for each employee.

There are other costs associated with poor time tracking. Many businesses estimate job costs and budget based upon the hour employee’s bill to past projects. Depending on your business, a miscalculation in man hours can make or break a project (and your bottom line). Logging the correct amount of hours to each project will lead to better projections and future bids.

You know all the right reasons to accurately keep time and it’s in your employee’s best interest to report their time BUT they still need the means to record it easily and accurately. Make sure you are giving them an efficient method to track this often overlooked function. Your employees will thank you for their accurate paychecks and the money you will save is your own.

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