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AM/PM Roadside Service Inc. Drives Greater Staff Efficiency with MobileFrame’s Field Service Solution

Los Gatos, CA (Feb. 5, 2013) – MobileFrame LLC, the industry leading cross-platform mobile application development platform, announces that AM/PM Roadside Service Inc.  has selected MobileFrame’s field service solution.

AM/PM Roadside Service Inc.  was formed in 1999 from a vision of providing a tangible, reliable, 24 hour repair service dedicated to providing Emergency Response for Tractors and Trailers. For over ten years, AMPM’s vision has been firmly established, with a full and ever-growing client roster. AMPM offers world-class services with laptop diagnostic capability and response within 1 hour.

The company employs a team of technicians who repair fleet trucks and dispatchers who assign the work orders as they are called in. After an exhaustive evaluation of other mobility solutions in the marketplace, AM/PM selected MobileFrame for its ease of use, built-in instant messaging and the ability to make changes to apps without writing custom code.  The fact that they could automatically email invoices from the system to the customer was icing on the cake.

Studies have shown that workforce management software can boost field service managers’ productivity by more than 10% and dispatch efficiency by at least 20%. AM/PM wanted to deploy a state of art workforce management solution to give their managers and dispatchers real-time visibility into the activities of their field workers. Having this kind of data at their fingertips will help the company to react quickly and reduce overtime by assigning jobs based on real-time information they receive about their mobile workers.

The ability to compare planned work with jobs actually completed is crucial when managing a field service team. Allowing the dispatchers to adjust schedules and reassign jobs at a moment’s notice ensures a high level of quality of service and enhanced customer satisfaction.

“We are pleased that AM/PM Roadside Service Inc. has selected MobileFrame’s field service mobile applications as their software standard. Management now has everything they need to improve both Dispatcher efficiency as well as their Mobile Worker efficiency. Management can now review field data in real-time, giving them the ability to make intelligent decisions that boost performance and customer satisfaction”.

– Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame CEO

About AM/PM Roadside Service Inc. 

AM/PM was formed in 1999 from a vision of providing a tangible, reliable, 24 hour repair service dedicated to providing Emergency Response for Tractors and Trailers. Time is money and our priority is to get your equipment back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. For over ten years, AM/PM’s vision has been firmly established, with a full an ever-growing client roster. AM/PM has branched well outside of Georgia and into other Southeastern states.  AM/PM’s mantra has always been and still is, “Our Trucks FIX your trucks!”

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