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Mission Impossible – From Idea to Deployment within 2 Weeks

Five warehouses, over 240 different product lines, and one bi-directional integration with Oracle 11g to maintain current inventory.  That was the set of circumstances, and the task at hand was to deploy a custom solution to manage physical inventory, across the enterprise.  Oh yeah, and it had to be implemented within two weeks.

Mission Impossible?

Not for MobileFrame.

This was the mission for a recent client.  Inventory data was held in their Oracle database yet the physical inventory was spread across 5 warehouses.  Inventory tracking was done on paper forms, resulting in time consuming errors so there were definitely efficiencies to be gained by going mobile.  This required a bi-directional custom application to interact with the existing database.

The client chose MobileFrame because of our code-free platform that allows for easy development and our hassle-free cross-browser compatibility which allowed the use of existing equipment.  Along with the MobileFrame platform they purchased ten hours of consulting time.  What was the end result?  In less than two weeks they went from idea to deployment – and they had left over consulting hours to boot!

MobileFrame offers a unique and variable application that this company was able to develop themselves, saving valuable time and money, to create a scalable solution to fit their needs.  It integrates with their existing database and gives them the mobility they need to be efficient while reducing errors.  In the end it seems that MobileFrame was the solution that proved to make this Mission Possible!