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We Can Track Everything from the Cradle to the Grave… Seriously

At MobileFrame we have thought for a long time that our mobile solutions could track anything.  We have provided tracking applications for everything from parts and labor to maintenance records and hazardous waste containers.

We figure that we have tracked just about everything – from the cradle to the grave.  And now two customers are putting that to the test!

MobileFrame was recently deployed as the application for Paternity Declaration at Contra Costa County, California.  This application captures vital information and parent signatures at the time of birth.  With over 2500 clerks at over 700 birthing centers across California, MobileFrame’s integration into the county’s Vital Records is saving time, sometimes months, and increasing accuracy.

MobileFrame is also excited to announce the recent customer win of Service Corporation International.  SC I is a leader in the funeral services industry and the application allows for mobile tracking of remains and personal affects, for the deceased.  With nearly 200 Personal Care Centers MobileFrame is increasing efficiency across the company.

We are excited to work with these new customers in providing reliable solutions to their mobile needs. MobileFrame can quite literally handle any and all of your tracking needs, from the beginning to end. If you are interested in seeing how we can help you please contact us today.