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MobileFrame Announces Release of Version 5.0 of our Enterprise Mobility Platform

MobileFrame proudly announces the release of version 5.0 of our Enterprise Mobility Platform. MobileFrame, LLC (, the leading provider of Configurable Mobile ApplicationsTM, is the only Enterprise Mobility Platform in the industry that enables non-traditional software developers to create and deploy custom mobile applications across the entire enterprise without writing a single line of code. MobileFrame’s software platform is an entirely self-contained system that provides full functionality out-of-the-box, with no custom programming, no third party mobile gateways, synchronization engines or SDK’s required.

With version 5.0 MobileFrame has added a series of groundbreaking features including: Continue reading

Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Creams the Competition with MobileFrame’s Product Inspection App

Warnambool Cheese and Butter Factory (WCB), producers of high-quality dairy products for over 120 years, selected MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application Solution to eliminate all paper based processes across the company.  WCB is one of the oldest dairy processors in Australia today and is a major producer of high quality dairy commodities such as cheese, milk powders, whey protein, butter and cream, for both domestic and export markets.

Prior to purchasing the MobileFrame solution, their staff was using clipboard and paper forms to do quality control inspections on both the production floor and in the warehouse. After the data was collected, the completed forms were turned over to administrative staff to manually enter the data into their business system. This manual system was extremely labor intensive, error-prone and inefficient, so they were looking for an easy to use, intuitive software solution to solve these problems.  WCB quickly realized that MobileFrame’s platform can be used to deploy any app with any requirement across any department. Their apps can be tailored to their business and integrated to their JD Edwards backend system. Some of the benefits of MobileFrame’s solution include:

  • Increase efficiencies by eliminating error-prone manual data-entry tasks
  • Increasing efficiency of product inspection operations
  • Ability to write their own apps without writing  a single line of code Continue reading

Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. Selects MobileFrame’s Asset Tracking Application

Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. has chosen MobileFrame’s asset tracking application to collect data related to the disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in order to aid with federal and state compliance. Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. provides their customers with effective, efficient, ecological solutions to all their liquid and solid temporary storage needs and offers one of the broadest ranges of containment equipment in the industry. With MobileFrame’s solution, they will essentially be able to track movement of large waste containers at large industrial facilities to identify the GPS coordinates, condition, date and time of the move, and much more. With MobileFrame’s 100% code-free platform, Evergreen Tank Solutions, Inc. is now able to make changes to each one of their customer’s requirements, which they were not able to do with their previous solution.

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Sturgeon Services International is Pumping Out Work Orders with MobileFrame

Sturgeon Services International (SSI), formerly known as Sturgeon & Sons, has purchased MobileFrame’s work order automation with asset tracking application. SSI is an oil field services company in California, and was looking to automate their work order and asset tracking processes. Prior to implementing MobileFrame’s platform, Sturgeon Services International was completing their work orders in individual Excel spreadsheets per job. The tech would then email the completed spreadsheet to the office. SSI employs 10 clerks who are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the data for payroll and billing purposes. The same clerks had to then manually enter all of that data into Microsoft Dynamics and other backend office systems.  SSI found this process to be very time consuming, costly and prone to human error. With MobileFrame’s solution, not only do those clerks get to avoid all that manual data entry, but the company no longer needs to hire new IT staff to develop and manage applications. During the evaluation phase the SSI team particularly liked the simplicity of integrating our system with their back office systems. Continue reading

Contra Costa County has chosen MobileFrame’s Paternity Declaration Application

Contra Costa County, the ninth most populated county in the state of California, has chosen MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Platform to automate California’s Paternity Declaration Application which collects the signatures of unwed parents at the time of a new born child’s birth. Prior to implementing MobileFrame, when a baby was born to an unwed mother, Contra Costa County had to have a form completed that listed both parents. The data on that form is completed by an estimated 2500 birthing clerks in over 700 birthing centers around California. Contra Costa County found this manual entry process to be timely and inefficient. In many cases, it would take the County months to get these completed forms back. MobileFrame’s 100% Code-Free Platform will implement these records into the County’s Vital Records (SQL) database.

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Driven Brands eliminates paper based work orders with MobileFrame

Driven Brands has chosen MobileFrame to eliminate their paper based work orders. Driven Brands, whom is successful in the automotive aftermarket, put the growth of its portfolio into high gear with acquisitions of such automotive service brands as AutoQual, Drive N Style, and MAACO Franchising. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Driven Brands used paper-based work orders and sent technicians out to do car interior cleanups.  They purchased the BS and 20 clients to prove concept and this will be deployed to their Auto Qual group, who has 70 end users. With MobileFrame, Driven Brands will be able to utilize the latest mobility technologies to implement full-featured inspection mobile applications that closely integrates with their existing backend systems.  Continue reading

Tenet Healthcare Chooses MobileFrame to Automate their Surgery Checklists

Tenet Healthcare has chosen MobileFrame to automate their surgery checklists in order to track patients. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Tenet Healthcare collected data on paper and they had 120 clerks doing the manual data entry to their backend Access Database. Federal regulations require that the surgical implant is inserted within 90 minutes from the time the patient arrives complaining about chest pain, so this application helps them to comply. With MobileFrame, the patient now receives an armband with a barcode that can be scanned and time stamped at every juncture during pre-op.

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Dungan Engineering chooses to Automate their Construction Safety Inspections with MobileFrame

Dungan Engineering has chosen MobileFrame to automate their construction safety inspections. Prior to adopting MobileFrame’s platform, Dungan Engineering was manually entering their collected field data into their backend system. They realized that this was highly inefficient and costly. After evaluating other mobility solutions, Dungan Engineering quickly recognized that MobileFrame’s unique full-featured platform was best suited to helping them automate their field data. With MobileFrame, Dungan Engineering will be able to reduce paperwork at their home office as well as in the field. Continue reading

MobileFrame’s Facilities Management and Building Operations Webinar was a Success!

We had a tremendous turnout for our Facilities Management Webinar with over 100 attendees, spread over 3 different continents. Thank you for your participation!  During this hour long education session our panel of experts discussed the latest trends in facilities management, building operations and mobile business process optimization. Registrants were exposed to the benefits of mobile computing, some of the common challenges associated with going mobile and were introduced to technologies that bridge the gap between the office and the field.

In this webinar we showed our prebuilt work order management solution that’s fully integrated into Archibus, but the same set of apps could easily be integrated to any backend system you have.

Here’s a recap of what was covered:

Operations Managers, Facilities Managers, and Property Managers are charged with collecting and reporting on a wide variety of different types of data. This data needs to be collected out in the field, returned to the office, and entered into the primary back office business application. This manual collection process always creates significant operational challenges.
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Paper Processes are a Waste!

FACT: Paper based processes are error prone and WASTE time, money, and resources

FACT: Handwriting is hard to read

FACT: Other people’s handwriting is even harder to read.

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