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Breaking Down The Hype of Code Free Mobile Computing

The mobile community is littered with companies who claim to be “configurable” with “no coding”, but most are just spinning a web of marketing hype with no real substance.  MobileFrame not only holds the patent on 100% Code Free Mobile Computing, but we practice what we preach day in and day out.  Our mantra, Custom Mobile Applications with No Custom Programming means exactly that.

In fact we challenge prospective customers to provide their most difficult business processes and mobile application workflows and we’ll automate them in MobileFrame in real-time.  All of our sales reps build and demo unique custom mobile applications every day.  Our sales reps have no programming knowledge or special capabilities. Our technology was designed to eliminate coding, much like Excel was designed to allow users to manipulate spreadsheets without resorting to writing scripts or SQL queries against a database.

With MobileFrame anything that can be automated using coding tools or SDK’s can be done without requiring any programming knowledge or coding whatsoever. We’ll build the unique custom mobile application from scratch, integrate it to any ODBC backend database, and deploy it to the device live in real-time, and then make changes to the application on-the-fly.  Ask any mobile solution provider who offers “configurable applications” to do that in real-time and you’ll see just how quickly the hype turns into excuses.  I know there is a lot of skepticism in the market which has been driven by many mobility companies with flawed technology, but at MobileFrame we don’t just tell you, we’ll show you.