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Migrating your Forms from Paper to Electronic Format – Don’t forget the Business Logic!

I had an awesome discussion today with a potential client that is interested in converting his current paper based inspection process into electronic format.   He was very enthusiastic about the prospect of getting rid of the mountain of paper in his office.  His enthusiasm got me thinking about not only the benefits of eliminating paper but ALSO the benefits of embedded business logic.   For example:  if an inspection failed he could require that his inspectors collect information about why it failed, capture  a picture of the damage or issue, maybe even record a voice note and associate it with the inspection.

We were able to identify many different areas of opportunity. Here are just a few:

  • Eliminating the costly duplication of effort associated with his current paper process
  • Providing real time information to management
  • Eliminating transcription and handwriting errors
  • Reduction in travel time delivering paper forms back to the office
  • Green Solution (No Paper, No Ink, Etc.)

While all of the benefits of moving off of paper were important here is what really got him excited:

  • Being able to verify that the information being collected is accurate (E.g. If a meter reading is always between 100 -200, the inspector cannot enter 3500)
  • Applying best practices to the business logic along the entire process.  The ability to enforce key steps in the inspection process is significant.  With paper based forms it’s easy for people to skip fields, but with an electronic app fields can be required to be answered or the user can’t move off the page.

Obtaining a significant ROI on your mobile technology investment involves more than just changing from a paper data collection process.  True Enterprise Mobility is about adopting a more efficient operating process, and executing against a carefully designed workflow, thereby providing technicians, key decision makers, and customers with the information they need exactly when they need it.

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