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Missed Opportunities

Choosing an Enterprise Mobility PlatformI was talking with one of our international customers today, and asked him a very simple question.

How many vendors did you look into before you decided to move forward with MobileFrame?

His answer, said it all… “I don’t know how many but we looked all over the globe for a mobile platform, and didn’t find what we were looking for until we found MobileFrame.”

That begged the question, why MobileFrame?

His answer was pretty telling. He said that after doing some investigation,  all of the other “Code-Free” development environments may have looked easy at first glance but were just smoke and mirrors when it came down to crunch time.

He wanted the ability to create applications for his business and be able to make changes to them without having to pay a vendor at every turn.  As our conversation continued he left me with a pretty powerful thought. He said “I have ideas all the time that I can leverage to improve our operations, but If I don’t have a way to implement them quickly, and easily they never happen.  This means that we fall behind our competition with every missed opportunity.  MobileFrame is the tool that will get us where we want to go…”

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