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Inspections are a part of literally dozens of different industries, from public safety to property management to construction.  This naturally means that there are numerous needs that must be fulfilled by inspection forms.  Checklists, comments and signatures are nearly universal, while photos, conditional checklists and specialized workflow may be needed to send the results to different governing entities.

Although, for all their differences, one thing is for sure; inspections happen all over the place.  Apartment complexes, garages, hangars, constructions sites, maintenance rooms, kitchens, sewers – the list goes on and on.  And often these remote locations are in different places every day creating the need to collect data from multiple locations.

Inspections have been historically processed on a paper form in duplicate or triplicate.  One copy is given to the inspected, one is kept by the inspector (or the office) and possibly another is sent to a regulatory body.  And at the end of the day all of that information must be recorded – in a database, in a log book – somewhere, for safe keeping.  Hard to read carbon copies, lost or damaged forms makes this job difficult at best.  Accompanying documents such as photos are misplaced.  Regulatory deadlines put undue pressure on remote inspectors.  And managing this mobile workforce and capturing the correct information in a timely manner is a stressor – there must be an easier way.

Luckily, MobileFrame offers a truly mobile solution to solve these complications.  All data can be electronically captured, photos attached and a copy can be sent to multiple email addresses all from your mobile device which will synch with the office.  MobileFrame allows you to automate workflow such as work order generation and invoicing.  This saves time and reduces errors – resulting in more satisfied clients.  Integration with existing system and easy customization via our code-free platform makes setup easy and cross-browser compatibility allows for the use of existing hardware.

No matter what industry you are in, MobileFrame makes it easy to automate your inspection process for maximum efficiency.