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What is RFID? What Does an RFID System Look like?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is a technology that involves the use of a tag that is applied or incorporated into a product or asset to help identify and track the item using Radio Waves. There are many different types of tags and associated readers available on the market today. It’s now common for organizations to not only look for ways to eliminate field based paper processes but to also think past bar-coding as well.

Here is a good example, you employ a team of 100+ Sales representatives that are in charge of doing inventory counts at customer locations (Think big box retailers) and the inventory needs to be 100% be accurate. The current solution involves the process of manually scanning 100’s if not 1000’s of products while at the customer’s site. No matter how diligent you are this can be a time consuming and error prone task. How do you solve the problem? Hire more sales people? Invest in better, faster scanners? Buy your sales reps memberships to the local gym so they can move faster? A great alternative would be to create an RFID based system.

Here is how such a system could operate. First each item would be equipped with an RFID tag. Instead of the sales rep physically scannning each and every piece of merchandise, he or she would now only need to scan the reader toward the merchandise to conduct an inventory count. At this point the rep could automatically create a suggested order quantity and move on to the important part of the job…Closing Business. The advantage of the RFID system is that each rep can now spend less time manually scanning each product to count inventory without worrying about missing anything.

MobileFrame can help your organization deploy RFID technologies out of the box. Altair Eyewear is an example of a customer of ours who is utilizing such a system to conduct inventory counts of their eye glass frames. To learn more about our advanced RFID Capabilities contact us today.

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