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Help, we need that defibrillator stat!

Healthcare is an industry where time can mean more than just money – it can mean the difference between life and death.   Given the critical and fast paced nature of hospitals, equipment can easily be misplaced.  This means staff must spend valuable time looking for beds, wheelchairs, or defibrillators.  Finding this equipment quickly not only saves the time spent looking for it, but it reduces staff frustration and increases patient satisfaction.

RFID (active) and barcode (passive) systems allow different levels of tracking and reporting capabilities.  Equipment can be tracked by attaching a small RFID tag to the equipment and installing master readers throughout a facility.  As the equipment enters or leaves a room it’s automatically scanned by the fixed reader, giving you instant and real-time data about the location of your assets.

Medical equipment can be highly specialized and carry a high price tag.  Because of its specific functionality departments often horde equipment, keeping the asset hidden away so it’s available when needed.  The result is over stocking of some equipment, which of course inflates costs.  Accurate tracking allows quick retrieval and eliminates the need to over stock.

As every maintenance department knows, keeping the equipment in perfect working order is always a challenge.  Providing real-time data about the use of each item would allow your technicians to proactively  perform routine calibrations and complete preventative maintenance on each asset.  This benefit alone can mean a substantial cost saving to your bottom line.

Collecting and recording data digitally reduces data entry errors and allows management to make real-time decisions about running the business.  The data reports can be based on an unlimited number of criteria, including by department and user.  The data can even be viewed by management via an internet connected pc or tablet such as an iPad.

Digital tracking applications have the potential to save hospitals in a variety of ways.  Increased efficiency, accurate reporting on equipment usage and cost savings are but a few of the benefits these applications can bring.  Give your organization the advantage by investigating how medical equipment tracking applications can benefit you.  If you are interested in seeing how other organizations have been able to implement equipment tracking applications successfully using MobileFrame, please do not hesitate to contact us today.