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Make Better Use of Your Asset Management System

Equipment maintenance systems have been an integral part of production environments for decades.  There is no denying the importance and benefits of well-maintained equipment.  Prolonged asset life and reductions in both downtime and operating costs have turned maintenance from being viewed as a cost of doing business to vital part of being profitable.

Traditional barriers to effectively managing the maintenance process have been in organization and documentation of the system used.  Tracking each piece of equipment by last service date, frequency of service, scheduling of routine maintenance – all on paper – it becomes a full time job to maintain the maintenance system.  Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software was developed to organize this information, and quickly became not only a way of managing upkeep; it has become a tool for improving maintenance performance.

Managers utilize CMMS to track asset inventory, increase technician productivity, increase overall equipment effectiveness  and realize longer equipment life.  It allows them to make informed decisions about planned versus unplanned work and the list goes on and on.  But the analysis used to make these decisions and increase performance is only as good as the data in the system.  Paper work order systems still rely heavily on people to fill out all information on the order, return it and enter it into the CMMS in a timely manner.  If any of this information is missing, erroneous or late then expensive decisions will be made without all the data.

Integrating the information of your CMMS into a mobile application will alleviate this.  Technicians can scan equipment to request previous service records, report problems, locate parts, and close work orders – all from a mobile device such as a handheld or tablet.  This reduces response to failure times and increases the accuracy of recorded data, making your CMMS even better.

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