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When Selecting Mobile Solutions, don’t leave any ROI on the Table.

Enterprise Mobility ROIWhen investigating mobile software solutions every organization has to ask themselves the age old question: “Can I find something off the shelf to solve this problem?”

I invite you to consider the merits of evaluating an alternative approach before spending money on a solution.

FACT: Off the shelf mobile software solutions are developed by companies that identify some common problems in a specific market, then build a software solution that addresses some of those needs. This is also called a one size fits all approach.

PROBLEM: Here is where the problem lies; no two organizations even within a specific market operate in exactly the same way.  The associated business logic that has made your organization successful can’t be incorporated into a boxed solution intended to fit the masses.

THE POINT: Don’t purchase a ‘one size fits no one’ product since it will provide only some of the needed functionality to your organization.  The ability to configure and define how your solution looks, feels, and operates based on your organization’s best practices will provide a much more substantial ROI, and will solve the problem for which it was intended.  As a bonus, our custom software solution can also be reconfigured to accommodate changes as business conditions dictate.

MobileFrame’s Configurable Mobile Application allows you to have a custom app with no custom programming required. If you would like to learn more about how we do it, please contact us today. We can show you how other customers in similar positions have made the decision to go with MobileFrame and have realized incredible returns.

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